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Prambanan: stroll through the heart of Javanese Hinduism

A brief introduction to Hinduism during an excursion of approximately 2.5 hours. Final destination Prambanan, the largest Hindu temple still intact in Indonesia. Thanks to protection by Unesco, it is still possible to admire the impressive architecture and art of this religion thanks to the scale of its constructions which date from the 9th century.

The major earthquake of 2006 will have modified its authentic appearance somewhat but the restoration continues its course.

Throughout the walk we t...

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Candi ijo temple
Ratu Boko

Day 1Around Prambanan

Day 1Around Prambanan

  • We begin the hike at Candi Ijo temple, about 20 km northeast of Yogyakarta, where workers hired by the government are busy restoring it. There is a magnificent view of the Prambanan temple and the city of Yogyakarta. We walk under teak trees, on basalt paths, volcanic rock.

  • From there, it takes an hour to go to Barong temple for a great panoramic view of the area. We pass through several small country villages in typical Javanese style. This trail allows you to discover the daily life of these Javanese people who always care about their harvests.

  • The walk continues towards the temple of Ratu Boko, an enormous Hindu palace from the 9th century where the Grande Place, the crematorium and the audience hall are located. From this temple, we enjoy an unparalleled view of three giants of the region: the volcanoes Merapi, Merbabu and in the distance, the no less imposing Sumbing

  • Finally, the descent leads to the village of Pereng where our vehicle awaits us to take us to this mythical temple that is Prambanan. We then leave to visit the Prambanan temple complex and more particularly Loro Jonggrang, a sumptuous 47 meter high temple dedicated to the goddess Siva. It is considered the most elegant and stunning Hindu temple on the island of Java.

Meal and accommodations

Lunch: Warung (small local restaurant)


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