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Your travel agency in Indonesia

L’Esprit « Azimuth »

We, lovers of Indonesia’s people, culture and nature, wish to share our adventure travel experience throughout this amazing archipelago applying three basic principles in all of our tours: Professionalism, Security and the Respect of Nature. Professionalism - Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd is a French-Indonesian tour-operator that follows western standards in terms of quality of service to customers. Our guides are trained to western techniques of management. Security – Your security is of utmost importance to us and constantly in our mind. Thus, we collaborate with qualified guides who master western first-aid techniques. In that respect, we prefer small groups with a maximum of 16 people rather than larger groups. Of course, we can provide one additional guide when necessary to accommodate more participants.

The Respect of Nature – Being an adventure and ecotourism agency, another of our priorities is to respect each site we visit as we don’t wish to turn the trails of Indonesia into garbage bins. Surely, everyone must be responsible but we feel a moral and social obligation to take an active role in that field of education.


Les conditions générales de vente

Bien qu’uniquement soumis à la législation Indonésienne, nous avons à cœur de fournir le service le plus sécurisé à notre clientèle. Pour des raisons déontologiques, nous nous

The Beginning of Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd

Extraordinary geological and climatic conditions have given shape to ‘absolutely breathtaking’ landscapes in Indonesia:

Why travel with us?

FRENCH SPEAKING SPECIALIST IN VOLCANOES Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd is the only French-speaking tour-operator specialized in volcanoes and can assure you’ll have a high quality

The office staff

Working behind the scenes, a fine crew stands by in our offices, always ready to arrange a journey especially for you. Made of passionate adventurers, the office team is well

Our tour guides

The tour guides at Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd Puji and Dominique, in conjunction with the solid team at Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd, are regularly coaching the most motivated


Along with sustainable development, sustainable tourism aims to carry on an activity (tourism in our case) while minimising the negative impacts on destinations and populations


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