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Dare to eat street food!

What if, during your stay in Indonesia, you had the chance to meet a French-speaking expat, who could tell you all about his own experience of the country?

The expat, with whom you'll be spending a unique moment, is a lover of travel and multicultural encounters. He or she is a local 'companion' (not a conventional guide). He may be the friend you'd dream of having in the four corners of the world. He's someone who knows the place like the back of his hand and who agrees, according to his whims ...

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Day 1Dare to eat street food!

Day 1Dare to eat street food!

  • The local expatriate will meet you at your hotel at around 5pm and, for around 4 hours, will offer you the chance to try the best street food in the city. It's an opportunity for an informal stroll, a real immersion in the culture and customs of the country where he lives. You'll benefit from his advice and his address book, while learning about local life and customs. It's an instructive, relaxed, privileged and convivial way of sharing.

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