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Where to see street art in Indonesia?

Where to see street art in Indonesia?

Mar 14 2024

We know Indonesia for its natural and volcanic riches, its incredible ethnic and cultural diversity and the kindness of its population. However, too few of us know and appreciate Indonesian street art at its true value. The artists of the archipelago have many messages to convey and their commitment and their works are certainly worth the detour! In recent years, we have seen this urban art develop in most major Indonesian cities. Here we list the emblematic places of street art in Indonesia.



Indonesian street art: a communication tool for committed artists


Denouncing the failings of society, working for a human cause, depicting a political ideal... Street art has always had a social vocation and it does not escape this function in Indonesia. Artists use it to denounce violence, corruption, poverty or educational flaws within their country. Pointing out Indonesian social problems, however, does not please everyone and this art still remains a source of tension in Indonesia.




As a result, the vast majority of Indonesian street artists are anonymous and produce ephemeral works. You should know that creating murals in public places is prohibited by Indonesian law. Artists risk heavy penalties if they exhibit their work in unauthorized places.


Despite these barriers, urban art is becoming more and more popular within the archipelago, now part of pop culture as a tool of denunciation.


In 2011, Indonesia hosted the Jakarta Sunday Street Art Movement, also called Berbeda dan Merdeka 100% Movement. It was an artistic movement led by groups of pacifist artists. Their goal was to promote peace, tolerance and diversity throughout the Indonesian archipelago. This event had a very significant impact on a national scale and contributed to making many artists known.



Where to see the most interesting murals in Indonesia?


  Where to see street art in Indonesia?  


Most artists live and work in major Indonesian cities. Jakarta is a place where you can easily find many works of street art. So head to Jalan Cikini Raya to admire their most famous frescoes.


How can we mention the field of arts without referring to Yogyakarta, the cultural and artistic capital of Java? Considered the island's arts center, many artists live there and exhibit their work there. Thus, the Taring Padi and Gembel Urban organizations, well known to art lovers, have been established there for several years.


Other cities welcome talented artists like Surabaya or Ubud in Bali. On the Island of the Gods, they also highlight Balinese cultural heritage in their works.


The best-known street artists in Indonesia remain Anagard, Darbotz, Bujangan Urban, Slinat, Quint and Dnztwo. Many others want to help develop their art in Indonesia and become known to the general public.


Although the government does not allow the display of murals or graffiti in public spaces, it sometimes collaborates with artists for common causes. So, last year, the State called on their expertise to restore a modern image to the village of Kampung Pelangi, in Java. This is now known as the Indonesian “rainbow village”. Its facades are multi-colored and display designer and elaborate murals. Enough to inspire the curiosity of visitors!



Our advice for admiring the works of artists




The work of these enthusiasts unfortunately remains ephemeral and it is impossible to list all their works. However, we advise you to follow the different stars of Indonesian street art via social networks. Perfect for staying informed of their projects and new creations in real time!.


Additionally, be sure to ask about exhibitions and gallery tours to attend art events. Passing through Yogyakarta? Please note that the city is the scene of many artistic events. These will delight lovers of art and Indonesian culture. A rewarding experience for sure!


In addition, the best way to get a glimpse of the talent of all these artists is to take your camera, your backpack and get lost in the colorful streets. Go in search of the prettiest wall fresco, you are not safe from some nice surprises!


If you are currently passing through Yogyakarta, you should also know that the city is hosting the eleventh edition of Art Jog until the beginning of June. Festival not to be missed!


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