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What to see and do on the island of Sumatra

What to see and do on the island of Sumatra

Mar 18 2024

You are about to leave for Indonesia and explore the superb island of Sumatra, located on the equator. This large Indonesian island is full of wonders, and so many itineraries and circuits! Are you wondering how to organize your trip to Sumatra, what to see and what to do? Where to observe orangutans or the wildlife of Gunung Leuser? A little overview of the must-sees, from Bukit Lawang to the Harau Valley!


Bukit Lawang: the orangutan village


The village of Bukit Lawang


  What to see and do on the island of Sumatra  


Bukit Lawang is a small village located in North Sumatra. Very appreciated for its lush nature, you can stroll along a river and come across semi-wild orangutans! The reason ? Since 1973, Bukit Lawang has served as a rehabilitation center to protect these endangered primates.


Gunung Leuser National Park


Gunung Leuser National Park (also called Mount Leuser National Park because of its famous eponymous mountain) extends over nearly 8,000 km2 and is home to exceptional biodiversity. His treasures? A tropical forest, some of the rarest plants in the world, rhinos, tigers and elephants. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the park also offers trekking trails and the possibility of visiting its famous bat cave!


Medan: the unmissable “battlefield”


Located in the north of the island, Medan is the fourth most populous city in Indonesia. It is nicknamed the “battlefield”, in memory of ancient local economic rivalries linked to the pepper trade and tobacco plantations.


Maimun Palace


  What to see and do on the island of Sumatra  


This splendid 2772m2 palace was built between 1887 and 1891. Raised on two floors, it has 30 rooms and is divided into three parts: the main building, the left wing and the right wing. In each room you can admire decorations and furniture in Malay, Indian, Spanish and Italian styles. The predominance of ocher will remind you that you are entering a royal residence... Thanks to the rental of a traditional outfit, you can even slip into the shoes of a sultan during your visit!


The Mesjid Raya Al Mashun Mosque


Built in 1906, at the request of Sultan Mahmud Al Rasjid, this religious building seduces with its octagonal architecture and its atypical style (halfway between Art Nouveau and Islamic Art). The second largest mosque in the country, it is recognizable by its five majestic black domes and its white walls decorated with mosaics.


Berastagi: the volcanic city


  What to see and do on the island of Sumatra  


Perched at an altitude of 1,300 meters, the town of Berastagi is located at the foot of the Sibayak and Sibanung volcanoes. Due to its ideal position, it offers truly unique hiking trails. Free or accompanied by a guide, you can climb volcanic paths and explore lunar and steaming landscapes... Souvenirs with the scent of sulfur guaranteed!


Samosir Island: the heart of Lake Toba


  What to see and do on the island of Sumatra  


Cradle of Batak culture (an Indonesian ethnic group of more than six million people) and former stronghold of young hippies, the island of Samosir is today a little neglected... The opportunity to discover an authentic village, and to get away from it all. of the world ! Nestled in the heart of Lake Toba, this peninsula is made up of eclectic landscapes. Born from a supervolcano (a volcano which produces the largest and most voluminous eruptions), the lake appeared 75,000 years ago!


Bukittinggi: the “high hill” of Sumatra


  What to see and do on the island of Sumatra  


The town of Bukittinggi is located on a hill, near the Tandikat, Singgalang and Merapi volcanoes. In addition to offering exceptional panoramas, it is appreciated for its culture, its museums and its historical monuments. Among its essentials? The Sianok Canyon, Fort de Kock, and its famous “clock tower” (remnant of Dutch colonization, built in 1926).


The Harau Valley: a moment of relaxation in Indonesia


  What to see and do on the island of Sumatra  


The Harau Valley is a 270 ha nature reserve, based 45 km northeast of Bukittinggi. On foot, by bike or scooter, explore this wild area and let yourself be dazzled by the beauty of its lush rice fields and brown cliffs (where lianas and bamboos flourish). Crisscrossed by the Batang Arau River, this Indonesian jungle has numerous waterfalls and beautiful hikes, in the heart of its cinnamon or coffee plantations!


Travel to Sumatra what to see and what to do: tours to discover all the treasures of the island!


The island of Sumatra can be visited in many ways! At once mysterious, wild, secret and volcanic, this island in western Indonesia is also the seventh largest surface area in the world, with 473,481 km2! Its personality and exceptional heritage offer a thousand and one possibilities and as many discoveries.


A tour adapted to your desires can be considered to explore the essentials of the island, approach its tigers or take its most beautiful hikes! All you have to do is choose your route before taking off…


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