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Travel to Sumatra: useful tips before leaving

Travel to Sumatra: useful tips before leaving

Mar 15 2024

The large Indonesian island of Sumatra is a perfect base for nature-loving travelers. It boasts lush forests and rich biodiversity. Still spared from mass tourism, this island promises you a peaceful stay, full of relaxation and a change of scenery. On site, you can indulge in a multitude of activities, such as climbing volcanoes or observing orangutans. Does all this tempt you? Perfect ! But before you take off, here are some useful tips for a successful trip to Sumatra.


Administrative formalities


To be allowed to enter Sumatra, you must have a valid passport. This must be valid for at least six months after the indicated return date.


A visa is not necessary if the duration of your stay does not exceed 30 days. Beyond this deadline, you must obtain a visa from the Indonesian embassy in France (47/49, rue Cortembert - 75116 Paris). However, you can obtain this document upon your arrival in Indonesia. For more information on the subject, do not hesitate to go to the Indonesian embassy. 


Health and vaccines


There are no compulsory vaccinations to enter the country. However, for preventive purposes, it is advisable to contact your doctor. Typically, doctors prescribe vaccines against tetanus, hepatitis A and B, and typhoid.


Little health point

Since Sumatra has abundant vegetation, you need to protect yourself from mosquito bites. So, bring mosquito repellent cream. For optimal protection, take antimalarial treatment before your departure.


Since you are never safe from feeling unwell during a trip, bring a medicine box containing common and specific medications, in case you suffer from an allergy or other.


The best time to go to Sumatra


Sumatra enjoys a tropical climate. It rains all year round in the region, both in summer and winter. The best season to come there is the dry period, between the months of May and October. Temperatures are quite high, but with the passing rains, they soften during the day. The rainy season begins around the end of October and reaches its peak in December and early January. Despite the precipitation, some activities are possible during this period.


Generally speaking, the best months to go to Sumatra are January, February, May, June, July, August and September.


Prepare your luggage for Sumatra


A trip to Sumatra involves careful packing. Only put useful and important things in your suitcase, in order to lighten your load and have space for your possible souvenir items:

  •        Loose, light clothes to cope with the heat
  •        Clothing to protect yourself from the rain: K-way or raincoat
  •        A waterproof backpack to organize the essentials during your daily outings
  •        Quality shoes for hiking
  •        A water bottle and/or a small thermos to carry drinking water
  •        A first aid kit to carry your medicines and first aid kits (bandage, cotton, etc.)
  •        A small waterproof bag to hold your survival kit: matches or lighter, penknife or Swiss knife, etc.
  •        Mosquito repellent cream

Ways of getting around Sumatra


In Sumatra, roads are mostly damaged. The most reliable way to get from one point to another is by bike or motorbike. However, you can travel around the island by bus and Bemos (minibuses). Fares are affordable, regardless of the distance to travel.


Do you like traveling by train? Rejoice, Sumatra is one of only two Indonesian islands with a railway. By choosing this type of transport, you have access to various advantages: 

  •        Cheap fees, regardless of class
  •        Beautiful views of wild landscapes
  •        Stops on interesting points
  •        Direct contact with locals

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Activities not to be missed 

  Travel to Sumatra: useful tips before leaving  


To organize your vacation activities, here is a small list of leisure activities to try during a trip to Sumatra:

  •        Discover Sumatran orangutans in Leuser National Park, Bukit Lawang
  •        Enjoy surfing on the Kampar River
  •        Climb Mount Kerenci
  •        Admire the magnificent Lake Toba
  •        Treat yourself to a ride on the back of an elephant
  •        Rub shoulders with the Batak and Minangkabau people, etc.

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