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Indonesian cuisine

Indonesian cuisine

Indonesian cuisine is rich and diversified. Its characteristic flavors are the result of many gastronomic influences such as Chinese, Portuguese, Indian and others. Much appreciated by travellers, the food is just like the country, amazing, delicious and colorful! Indonesians love to eat on the streets. No wonder so many ‘kaki lima’(mobile food-carts) glide along every street and alley. Tasty and inexpensive, Indonesian street food is a whole cultural adventure it itself!

Typical Indonesian cooking 

A few favorites amongst a wide variety of traditional dishes:

Nasi goreng

Famous throughout the entire archipelago, nasi goreng consists of rice fried with a selection of spices, vegetables, chicken or shrimps topped with a fried egg and a big prawn chip (krupuk).

Nasi campur

Nasi campur consists of white rice accompanied by a number of other dishes like fish or meat, stir-fried vegetables, eggs, roasted peanuts, grated coconut, chili sauce and ‘krupuk’ (prawn chip)


Sate is a meat dish marinated in turmeric, skewered and grilled on charcoal. It is served with a spicy peanut sauce and ‘lontong’ (rice cake wrapped in banana leaf). Delicious but very filling so to be consumed with moderation..


Mashed potato patties coated with egg white and fried in a manner that the outside is crispy and the inside smooth. Great snack!

Bakmi goreng or mie goreng

A typical Indonesian dish usually made of wheat noodles stir-fried with  chicken or shrimps and spices.

Traditional Indonesian beverage


Cendol is made of rice flower, grated ice, liquid palm sugar and coconut milk. Very savory it is usually served as dessert or snack.


Traditional drink made of ginger and brown sugar, sometimes with additional spices such as clove, cinnamon and pandan leaves. Perfect in cool weather!


Bajigur consists of coconut milk and palm sugar. Often served in leisure moments or before meals. As a matter of fact, it feels like its sweet-salty taste wets your appetite…

Alcoholic beverages


The most popular Indonesian beers are Bintang, Bali Hai and Anker. Other brands such as Heineken, Guinness or San Miguel are easily available too.

Brem, the rice wine

Sweet and slightly acidic flavored, Brem is the locally brewed rice wine. It is sold in supermarkets.


Arak is a local alcohol produced from the sap of sugar palm, coconut or rice.  It is usually mixed with honey, lemon or orange juice.
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