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Prepare your suitcase

Prepare your suitcase

It’s not always easy to decide what to bring on a trip… Besides, it depends a lot on what activities you’re planning to do. Here are a few suggestions for your vacation in Indonesia.

For lounge chair fans

Take a strong two or four wheeled suitcase. Don’t forget to bring sun block, light outfits, swim suit and sandals. A sweater or light jacket is handy in air conditioned rooms or if you go to the mountains for a day. You can always purchase clothes or shoes once you’re there. In your pharmacy kit, include insect repellent and medication for stomach ache and other light discomfort. Don’t forget to inquire about appropriate vaccines and malaria prevention before your departure!

If you’re a keen walker

It is normally hot and humid in Indonesia. Take light and breathable clothing plus a pair of good hiking shoes with ankle support and non-slip soles. If you’re planning to hike a volcano, bring a small backpack for your water bottle, a windbreaker and maybe a polar jacket because temperatures can get pretty cold at the peak of some volcanoes. Keep a sarong in your luggage. It is always useful whatever type of travel you do, whether as a blanket, a towel or just to cover your shoulders in temples.
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