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Top 5 temples to discover during a trip to Bali

Top 5 temples to discover during a trip to Bali

Mar 14 2024

Bali is the most visited island in Indonesia. It is known throughout the world for the beauty of its architecture and landscapes but also for the energy and serene atmosphere it exudes. The Balinese have a great attachment to the religious traditions of Hinduism, which explains the 10,000 temples dedicated to the veneration of their gods. Every year, thousands of tourists flock to the destination just to experience the splendor of these sacred places and learn more about the different cults practiced there. So as not to miss anything during your trip to Bali, here is the list of the 5 most important temples to absolutely discover.


Ulun Danu Temple 


  Top 5 temples to discover during a trip to Bali  


Located not far from the town of Bedugul, the Ulun Danu temple sits on the shores of Lake Bratan. Considered one of the emblems of the small island, it is often found on postcards and other visual media representative of the site.


Surrounded by Lake Bratan, the pretty pagoda which stands proudly gives us the impression of having our feet in the water. The Balinese go there to worship the goddess of water and honor the spirit of Mount Agung, Bali's sacred volcano.


Although the pagoda is relatively small, the complex offers a pretty flower garden that is pleasant to stroll through. You will also have the opportunity to rent a small boat to sail on Lake Bratan and observe the Ulun Danu temple from all its angles.


Gunung Kawi Temple


  Top 5 temples to discover during a trip to Bali  


This temple is located in the heart of Bali, very close to Ubud. Built around the 11th century, it ranks among the oldest temples on the island. It stands out from other Balinese temples by its very unique architecture. It has 10 sanctuaries scattered around rice fields and dug into the rock, in the shape of a candi 7 meters high.


You will have to descend nearly 200 steps to reach the complex and cross splendid rice fields. The site has something magical with the nature and the rice fields that surround it. A little further, you can stop at the sacred Tirta Empul spring.


Tirta Empul temple


  Top 5 temples to discover during a trip to Bali  


The Tirta Empul temple is located a few kilometers from the Gunung Kawi temple. You can therefore easily discover both sites on the same day. The Tirta Empul temple is famous for its sacred water spring in which followers of Hinduism bathe to purify their minds. The 3 stages of this purification are as follows:


  • Leave an offering within the main temple
  • Dive into the pool
  • Meditate under one of the 13 fountains to purify your mind.


The site has other pools but it is not possible to swim there.


The temples of Besakih

  Top 5 temples to discover during a trip to Bali  

 Located in the east, at the foot of Mount Agung, the temples of Besakih are considered the mother temple of Bali. The entire complex has up to 86 temples, accessible from the main gate which is reached after climbing numerous steps. Located on the heights, you can enjoy an incredible view of the entire valley and contemplate the grandeur of the Agung volcano.


The Besakih temple sees itself as one of the most important Hindu sites on the island, which explains the high daily attendance there. Here you will need to cover your legs and arms to access it.


The temple of Tanah Lot


  Top 5 temples to discover during a trip to Bali  


The last must-see temple in Bali, the Tanah Lot. This temple stands out from its peers since it is located on an islet on the west coast of Bali, in the Indian Ocean. It is possible to get there on foot at low tide but during the rising tide, a boat is prepared to take you there more easily.


Tanah Lot is dedicated to the god of the sea and is one of the most important temples in Bali. Its singularity also makes it one of the most photographed temples on the island. Go there to contemplate the magnificent sunset which dazzles the temple every evening.


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