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Top 5 sports activities in Indonesia

Top 5 sports activities in Indonesia

Mar 15 2024

Indonesia attracts both tourists and athletes from all over the world. Its geography and landscapes lend themselves to all kinds of physical activities. So, if you like to exercise while discovering new things and a new culture, head to the archipelago! Find in this article a top 5 sporting activities in Indonesia.


5. Snorkeling


  Top 5 sports activities in Indonesia  


Snorkeling is one of the most common sporting activities in Indonesia. It tests your physical performance in an aquatic environment, while giving you the opportunity to admire Indonesian marine fauna. Your equipment usually includes fins, a mask and a snorkel. Furthermore, with more than 17,000 islands, Indonesia offers you a wide range of diving spots. You can take full advantage of this activity by going:


In Bali:

    • Secret Bay
    • Seraya Secret
    • Crystal Bay
    • Manta Point


In the Gili Islands:

    • At Komodo National Park
    • On the Moluccas archipelago
    • On the island of Alor


4. Rafting


  Top 5 sports activities in Indonesia  


Do you like intense sensations ? Try rafting in Indonesia. Armed with courage, a life jacket, a protective helmet and a paddle, crisscross the jungles and rice fields of the country aboard an inflatable raft, through the white waters.


In addition, you can indulge in rafting in Bali, Telaga Waja and Ayung rivers, Flores, Java and Sumatra. This activity is suitable for everyone, from the age of seven. For more security and information, contact professionals to benefit from good supervision. Some routes are reserved more for the more experienced but you will always find a circuit that suits all levels!


Sunrise at Mount Rinjani in Lombok, photo © by Soft_Light via Shutterstock


3. Trekking

  Top 5 sports activities in Indonesia  


Trekking is the most popular vacation activity in Indonesia. Its practice allows you to surpass yourself physically, while exploring the wild Indonesian landscapes. On the archipelago, several trails are available to trekkers looking for new experiences:


    • The rice terraces of Bali and Nusa Penida
    • The most beautiful volcanoes in Indonesia such as Mount Bromo in East Java, Mount Batur in Bali or Mount Kerinci in Sumatra
    • The Baliem Valley in Papua
    • The Toraja Mountains in Sulawesi, etc.


2. Surfing


  Top 5 sports activities in Indonesia  


Furthermore, more and more surfers are coming to Indonesia. Indeed, the archipelago has several surfing sites and these spots are suitable for both beginners and professional training. Before jumping into the water, beginners have the opportunity to take basic lessons from more experienced surfers. In addition, seasoned athletes can directly tame the swells, after asking some advice from those familiar with Indonesian waves. If this extreme sport tempts you, here is a very short list of the best surf spots in Indonesia:


    • Kuta Beach in Bali
    • Batu karas in West Java
    • Teleng Ria beach in East Java
    • Gerupuk to Lombok
    • Pulau Nias in Sumatra


1.     Canyoning


  Top 5 sports activities in Indonesia  


Finally, it is the favorite activity of thrill seekers. Thus, canyoning is defined as a combination of climbing, hiking and white water sports. In Indonesia, test your abilities by engaging in this extreme sport requiring agility, strength and precision. Your efforts are rewarded with unique discoveries and views through Indonesian nature. Also, to practice this activity safely, it is strongly recommended that you obtain information beforehand. The best canyoning sites in Indonesia are located in Bali, particularly around Ubud and Sanur.


Come on sports enthusiasts, let's pack our backpack and let's go for an adventure trip to Indonesia!



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