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Top 5 nature activities in Borneo

Top 5 nature activities in Borneo

Mar 14 2024

Borneo is one of the largest islands in the world. Three states populate it: Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak), the Sultanate of Brunei and Indonesia (Kalimantan). From lush forests to superb diving spots, the island of Borneo is home to incredible biodiversity, which allows for numerous nature activities, in groups or alone. If you plan to explore this mythical island, here are our top 5 adventure spots in Borneo!



5. Scuba diving in Sipadan and Derawan

   Top 5 nature activities in Borneo   

Like most Indonesian islands, Borneo offers numerous diving spots, ideal for snorkeling and meeting the local aquatic fauna! The main dive sites are in Sipadan (Redang Island and Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park) and Derawan (Sangalaki, Kakaban and Maratua). In their seabed, you will find Manta rays, brightly colored corals, pygmy seahorses, leaf fish and even frog fish. Enough to take in the sights!



4. Canoeing on the marshy lake of Sentarum


  Top 5 nature activities in Borneo  


Little known to foreign visitors, Lake Sentarum is located in West Kalimantan, the western part of Borneo. It offers sumptuous landscapes and rich and surprising biodiversity. It is the perfect place to come and admire the fauna and flora of the island. Thus, composed of several basins, the lake extends over an area of 1,320 km2. A true refuge for wild animals, the reserve is home to many species of fish such as the Asian scleropus. There are also primates such as proboscis monkeys or orangutans and reptiles such as marine crocodiles. Those who want to immerse themselves in nature and observe the animal world of Indonesia will not be disappointed by this experience.



3. Discovery of rock art in the caves of East Kalimantan


  Top 5 nature activities in Borneo  


Rock paintings in the caves of East Kalimantan © Dominique Clarisse


Furthermore, the caves of East Kalimantan are rarely visited by tourists because they are little known. True archaeological treasures, they bear witness to the rock art of the ancient aboriginal peoples of Borneo. In 1994, researchers and adventurers who studied these caves discovered a series of paintings of negative hands, flying lizards and other symbolic motifs. In Indonesia, at that time only the existence of the rock caves of Sulawesi was known. Lovers of archeology and caving will therefore be delighted to come and discover these places still unknown to the general public.



2. Orangutans of Tanjung Puting National Park


  Top 5 nature activities in Borneo  


Most tourists start their Borneo tour at Tanjung Puting National Park to come and discover orangutans, one of the most endangered primate species in the world. To observe them, go to the reserve’s rehabilitation center. Also, on site, rangers and primatologists collaborate to guarantee their well-being and development, with the aim of protecting them from poaching and deforestation. In the end, a pleasant moment of awareness and observation for all those who love nature and orangutans!



1. Ascent of the Mahakam river and meeting with the last true Dayak


  Top 5 nature activities in Borneo  


Finally, nothing compares to the experience of going up the Mahakam river which leads straight to Dayak country. The latter, famous for being former headhunters, live mainly in the Indonesian and Malaysian parts of Borneo. The best known are the Iban of Sarawak and the Ngaju of Kalimantan. Currently, agriculture and blowgun hunting constitute their main subsistence activities. Very attached to their cultural heritage, these ethnic groups fiercely preserve their traditions, as illustrated by the typical architecture of their habitats. Thus, built of elongated bamboo, Dayak houses can reach 100 meters long by 15 meters wide and can accommodate ten to twenty families. Visitors looking for immersion in another culture will find a total change of scenery in Dayak country!


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