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The best of activities of Sumatra

The best of activities of Sumatra

Mar 14 2024

Occupying an area of more than 473,500 km2, the island of Sumatra is the seventh largest island in the world. A preserved territory offering wild and green landscapes, Sumatra lends itself to a range of varied activities within numerous natural and captivating sites. A pillar of Indonesian biodiversity, the island is the native land of many animal species. Rhinoceros, elephants, monkeys… nature lovers will be delighted by so much wealth. We therefore present to you a small list of the most interesting activities that Sumatra offers.


Discover the last Sumatran orangutans

  The best of activities of Sumatra  

 Orangutan carrying his bananas


Many tourists go to Sumatra to come and meet the orangutans. These great apes are on the list of the most endangered species in the world and the Indonesian government has taken many measures to protect its natural heritage and animals. To discover orangutans, go to Mount Leuser National Park, in North Sumatra. You can come and observe these beautiful primates at the Bukit Lawang rehabilitation center. The orangutans are cared for, fed, then released into the park. Also take the opportunity to go see the other animals that inhabit it. You will surely encounter elephants or rhinoceroses there! It’s the perfect place to admire the incredible diversity of Indonesian wildlife!


Contemplate the unique beauty of Lake Toba

  The best of activities of Sumatra  

 Sunset on Lake Toba


Located in the north of the island, Lake Toba or Danau Toba is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Sumatra. It is the largest volcanic lake in the world: 100 km long by 35 km wide, with a depth of more than 500 meters. Placed 905 meters above sea level, the site opens onto a gigantic basin surrounded by wild landscapes, worthy of the most beautiful Indonesian settings. To fully appreciate the beauty of the lake, come there early in the morning, if possible at first light. At this moment, the place gradually reveals a picturesque canvas, which transports you into a separate universe.


Trekking on the Kerinci volcano


  The best of activities of Sumatra  


The island of Sumatra will delight trekking and hiking enthusiasts. In addition to its lush forests, the territory is home to beautiful volcanoes and numerous natural sites. Mount Kerinci is particularly favored by hikers. It rises to 3,805 meters above sea level, making it the highest volcano in Indonesia, and at the same time one of the most difficult to climb. It takes at least two days of climbing to reach its summit. That said, climbing Kerinci Volcano is a thrilling adventure. To reach its peak, you will have to cross the Kerinci Seblat National Park, known for its exceptional wildlife which notably includes a population of tigers and rhinoceroses from Indonesia.


Enjoy surfing


  The best of activities of Sumatra  


Just like Bali, Sumatra is a true paradise for surfing enthusiasts. You too can experience new thrills as you brave the swells of the Indonesian west coast. The island offers a wide choice of spots where you can freely enjoy the joys of surfing. The best-known meeting points are located in the Mentawai archipelago or on the island of Nias. Many top athletes have already come to test the powerful waves of Sumatra, such as Clay Marzo, Gabriel Medina and Dustin Barca. Have you never surfed? No worries ! Experts will happily give you some basic lessons and you too can enjoy a great experience.


Rafting down the Alas River


  The best of activities of Sumatra  


Adventurers who are passionate about water activities will appreciate the Alas River. Ideal and conducive to rafting, it is located within the Mount Leuser National Park. The latter is also one of the best rafting sites in Indonesia. In the heart of a lush jungle and an exotic setting, the change of scenery is total! Note, however, that most of the courses are aimed at experienced athletes: the thrills will therefore be there!


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