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The best diving spots in Indonesia

The best diving spots in Indonesia

Mar 14 2024

With its 17,000 islands bordered by heavenly beaches with crystal clear waters, Indonesia is one of the most suitable destinations for a diving trip. In its clear, turquoise seas, discover unique and colorful fauna and flora that cannot be found anywhere else. On the archipelago, there is no shortage of diving sites, from Bali to Sumatra, from Sulawasi to Rajat Ampat via the island of Komodo, a panel of colors and life awaits you.


Certified divers or not, Indonesia, the diving destination par excellence, will offer you unique underwater experiences. To guide you a little among all the existing diving sites on the archipelago, here is a little focus on the best islands where diving will amaze you!


Diving in Lombok and the Gili Islands


  The best diving spots in Indonesia  


Facing the eastern coast of Bali, the small island of Lombok is a perfect exploration ground for divers. Still little exploited, its seabed is in good health and has not yet suffered the damage that fishing and massive tourist numbers can cause.


With its clear and clear seas, it is very easy to meet its marine fauna which is both surprising and very varied. Turtles are the main attractions on each of its three islands: Meno, Air and Trawangan. Depending on the season, it is also possible to see reef sharks, the gigantic Mola Mola, and Manta rays.


The aquatic flora is not left out since here, a range of colorful corals are revealed beneath our masks. A true aquatic paradise to explore!


Diving in Bali


  The best diving spots in Indonesia  


As soon as we talk about diving and snorkeling in Indonesia, we immediately refer to Bali. Indeed, the Island of the Gods offers a wide range of spots concealing treasures in their seabed. Among the most famous are Secret Bay, Crystal Bay, and Manta Point. At these last two sites, you will have the opportunity to come across sunfish as well as Manta rays.


Going to the northeast coast of Bali, you will be amazed by the seabed of Tulamben Bay which is a fishing village. They are indeed blessed with an incredible ecosystem, notably thanks to the presence of the Coral Garden, the Wall and the Rock. But the main attraction of Tulamben is undoubtedly the Liberty wreck. This American army freighter was torpedoed there in 1942, and offers a fabulous setting to admire during a scuba dive in the region.


Diving in Komodo National Park


  The best diving spots in Indonesia  


A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Komodo National Park is located in the Sunda Islands archipelago. It includes the islands of Rinca, Pandar, and Komodo. The latter is one of the best diving spots in Indonesia due to its beauty, but also its richness in terms of marine animals and vibrantly colored corals.


Generally, to dive in Komodo, you have to take a boat from Labuan Bajo. Once it stops, you can immediately jump into the water. The seabed of the island being very clear, you will have the opportunity to observe the gigantic underwater biodiversity of the region easily; this, even going up to 30 m deep.


As in the majority of dive sites in Indonesia, you will discover Manta rays in great abundance. You will also find a wide variety of sharks including white tip sharks, black tip sharks, and gray reef sharks. Jacks, tuna and pygmy seahorses will also be there.


Diving in Rajat Ampat


  The best diving spots in Indonesia  


Divers and photographers from the four corners of the planet adore this heavenly diving spot. This group of islands is home to more than 1000 species of fish, 700 species of molluscs, and no less than 500 species of coral. Enough to make snorkeling enthusiasts dream.


In addition to trevally and pygmy seahorses, we encounter a multitude of marine animals that we rarely encounter elsewhere. Among the latter, let us particularly mention walking and wobbegong sharks, wrasses, and barracudas.


Like its neighbors, the Rajat Ampat archipelago is also populated by turtles and oceanic Manta rays. It is therefore needless to say that you will be satisfied in every way when you go there.


Diving in Bangka


  The best diving spots in Indonesia  


A small island off the coast of Sulawasi, Bangka is still little known to divers and yet! Here life abounds everywhere on the reef. Hundreds of schools of fish embellish the underwater walks to the delight of divers. The seabed is still in perfect health, which promises beautiful colors.


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