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The ART JOG 2018 festival

The ART JOG 2018 festival

Mar 14 2024

A historic, cultural and artistic city in Java, Yogyakarta is particularly famous for hosting the annual contemporary art festival: Art Jog. From May 4 to June 4, 2018, many artists, both Indonesian and foreign, exhibit their works at the Jogja National Museum. Zoom in on this major event that puts the city in the spotlight!


Art Jog, the largest contemporary art festival in Indonesia

Formerly known as “The Yogyakarta Art Festival”, Art Jog has been held annually since 2008 and this is its eleventh edition.


All the artists work around a common theme, individually or collectively. This year’s turns out to be “Enlightenment Toward Various Futures”.


All artistic disciplines are thus accepted and encouraged. For example, there are exhibitions related to photography, painting, sculpture, ephemeral installations, etc.


If the days are busy, the nights also promise lots of entertainment. Indeed, visitors can attend dance shows, theater and concerts every evening of the festival.


One of the challenges of Art Jog remains in particular to bring artists closer to the general public. So, to better appreciate their work, the staff and organizers take care of guided tours. In particular, they organize meetings and conferences with participants to exchange ideas and create links. In addition, at the end of the exhibition, they award the Young Artist Award to a young person who deserves to be more recognized on the artistic scene.


The end goal is to give a welcome boost to the careers of these artists and help raise their profile.


Who participates in this festival?


This year, the Art Jog 2018 edition welcomes 54 artists from six different countries. Famous Indonesian art galleries and major collectors also take part in the festival programming.


The spirit of it is not to become an elitist event but to allow as many exhibitors as possible to share their work and their experience. Little-known artists can therefore send their application and be selected to come and exhibit their works.


Many internationally recognized participants are taking part in Art Jog this year, such as the Filipino Ronald Ventura and the American Adam de Boer. These few weeks are an opportunity for all these beautiful people to share their world and their artistic vision.


To find out more, we invite you to come take a look at the website and the Instagram account dedicated to the festival. You will find there the program and the presentations of each artist in the edition. If you are visiting Yogyakarta this month, it would be a shame to miss this event, right?


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