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The 4 applications that will simplify your stay in Indonesia

The 4 applications that will simplify your stay in Indonesia

Mar 15 2024

If you are planning a trip to Indonesia, access to the internet on your cell phone can greatly simplify your life. Today, with all the applications available on the stores (Android and iOS), it is increasingly easy to travel, even to the other side of the world.


If in its time, the landline telephone was used in Indonesia only by a small elite of the population, mobile telephony, upon its arrival, spread like wildfire among all social classes. Today, smartphones are used massively in Indonesia and internet service providers offer subscription-free plans, each more interesting than the last. You can also take advantage of it and get a Sim card with around ten gigabytes of internet for only around a hundred rupees.


At the cutting edge of technology, Indonesians also use numerous applications to simplify their lives. Applications that can also greatly help you during your trip to Indonesia.


In this article we will see when and where to buy your sim card for internet and give you the 4 most recommended applications for your trip.


Buy a SIM card when you arrive (but wait until you leave the airport)

When you arrive in Indonesia, we advise you to invest in a special SIM card for the internet. Ask for a card for internet only (“simcarduntuk internet saja”). Indosat Ooredoo is a fairly well-served service provider in Indonesia, but you can also choose Telkomsel, XL Axiata or Smartfren depending on current promotions. However, wait until you leave the airport to equip yourself, otherwise you will pay a high price. Small shops selling internet and telephone credit are legion, even in slightly outlying areas.


Now that you have access to the internet on your phone, here are the 4 applications that will help you simplify your trip:


MAPS.ME, a must-have for travelers


If you are used to traveling to unknown lands, you may be familiar with Maps Me, the connected version of paper maps. The big advantage of this application? You can download the maps you need when you are connected. Once on your phone, you will be able to consult the map even if you no longer have internet access, which will allow you to save precious data! For each place visited, you can choose your means of transport (car, metro, on foot, etc.) and search by category (restaurant, hotel, etc.)


Grab or Go-jek, to get around in the blink of an eye

  The 4 applications that will simplify your stay in Indonesia    The 4 applications that will simplify your stay in Indonesia  

Competitors Grab and Go-Jek are competing for the private transport market (our own Uber). Regardless of the application you have installed, you can choose between several modes of transport: motorcycle taxi, private car or professional taxi. These applications are widely used by Indonesians and allow you to order a vehicle in a few minutes, wherever you are, with a simple click. No need to call to explain your position, the GPS takes care of everything!


Boots, to pay without carrying small change

  The 4 applications that will simplify your stay in Indonesia  

 Boots is a newcomer in the application landscape and yet its logo is already displayed on the windows of many street vendors. The principle ? Pay for everything you buy without having to resort to cold hard cash. Payment is made by scanning the code of the small restaurant or small shop where you do your shopping with your phone. Quite practical in a country where to buy an iced tea on the side of the road, you have to pay at least 2000 rupees...


Whatsapp, to communicate with (almost) all Indonesian numbers


Whatsapp is THE means of communication par excellence in Indonesia. If you do not use this application, please note that it allows you to exchange written messages such as SMS, voice messages and even make calls to people who have the Whatsapp application installed on their phone. To do this, you don't need to have an Indonesian number, or break the bank by calling from your French subscription. To use Whatsapp, you just need to have an internet connection. Quite useful for contacting your loved ones in France, your driver or your guide if necessary...


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