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Sukamade turtles

Sukamade turtles

Mar 14 2024

Meru Betiri Park is located to the southeast of Tengger Park and Bromo Volcano, and if you want to discover unique wildlife, a trip to this region is a must. Some beaches in this park have the particularity of welcoming sea turtles, who come to lay their eggs there. From Kalibaru, the road going south leads us to Sukamade, our final destination. A 4×4 is necessary for a large part of the journey (5 hours), which “pierces” magnificent plantations of rubber, cocoa and coconut trees. It is also an opportunity to immerse ourselves in Javanese culture while passing through some typical villages. In the park, accommodation is basic, but does not hinder our motivation for a hoped-for encounter with the turtles. In the middle of the night, specialists take us to Sukamade beach, where, in small groups, we approach some turtles that are getting ready to lay their eggs. We are then explained the life cycle and mode of reproduction of these shelled reptiles. However, turtles move randomly, and it is therefore not always easy to spot them. The eggs are collected after laying, then placed in a hole that is filled with sand, away from possible predators. When hatching, the young turtles are dispersed in tanks filled with sea water, before being released later into the ocean. Passing visitors are often called upon to contribute. Only 3% of them will survive. After this extraordinary experience, a superb hike towards the “Cape Verde”, a cove renowned for its superb green waters, allows us to cool off in the ocean and end this escapade in style. According to Eric Maillard, Individual Product Manager – Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd.


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