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Nepal Needs Long Term Support

Nepal Needs Long Term Support

Mar 14 2024

April 2015: the month that shook Nepal


There were more than 8,700 people on April 25, 2015, to which were added 83 unfortunate people on May 13. Nepal is a country which has already experienced a number of problems linked to its seismic activity in the past, but had not recorded such a deadly natural incident since 1934, which apparently could suggest that such a horror could well happen again. . The disaster was of such magnitude that it quickly had its own Wikipedia page. We learn in particular that the consequences were of course not only demographic, but also health and social. It appears that 454,769 people had to be displaced following the earthquake. Other indirect problems such as the nominative ownership of plots of land arise: the geography having changed, the information in the land registry is, so to speak, obsolete. Fortunately, the victims of the recent exceptional violence of seismic activity in Nepal have aroused an outpouring of sympathy for this country with its constantly turbulent history.


Encouraging international support


The international community reacted relatively quickly, individual and collective measures were put in place on all sides to help the country still under the rubble. It is thus no surprise that UNICEF, the Red Cross, Médecins Sans Frontières, Save The Children, the World Food Program (of the United Nations) and even UNESCO (and many others) have mobilized. But various and more specific initiatives have also emerged: the Smith Rafael Film Center in California has decided to donate the funds collected at the end of its film festival in favor of the reconstruction of Nepal. Some have even created websites for the occasion, such as HeNN Beyond the classic shipments of food and materials to help survivors, it is also in access to information that it was a question of Intervening initially, this is how certain giants in the field like Google lent a hand to resolve the problem.

A fight that has only just begun


The human losses were clearly heavy. The Nepalese collective psyche has been affected, but not only that. Property problems, a shaky organization... all the infrastructures allowing the country to function properly and to continue, notably thanks to its cultural heritage, on the path to economic development, have been compromised once again. The tourism industry, which represents a significant part of Nepal's GDP, was hit hard by the event. UNESCO is working together with the Nepalese authorities to restore the country's cultural heritage and it appears that opinions on reopening access to this heritage are already diverging. However, one thing is certain: given the importance of tourism, following the disaster that the world has witnessed, Nepal needs international aid more than ever for its reconstruction, beyond the one-off interventions. It is therefore above all in the long term, and by showing admiration for this country which constantly recovers after each ordeal, that any aid must now be oriented on an individual scale. Don't hesitate any longer and intervene in favor of Nepal thanks to the Garuda association via our receptive partner Base camp trek, a member of our network of receptive partners.


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