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Kawah Ijen, a must for volcano lovers

Kawah Ijen, a must for volcano lovers

Mar 15 2024

KawahIjen is, with Bromo, another must-see for volcano lovers. Both located on the road between Java and Bali, travelers often combine the two climbs during a Java/Bali tour.


Located in the east of the island of Java, Kawah Ijen attracts for the beauty of its acid blue lake, the possible encounter with the sulfur carriers, its blue flames and its surrounding landscapes of incredible beauty.


Ascent of Kawah Ijen by day


Kawah Ijen is known for its acidic lake, the largest in the world. By day, you can admire the turquoise lake below the crater and the surrounding landscapes shaped by numerous volcanoes and green mountains whose beauty is breathtaking. You will also realize the daily work of the numerous miners working on the site, going down as close as possible to the lake to harvest the sulfur present in abundance in the crater. The difficult working conditions of these miners have been the subject of numerous documentaries, including Les convicts du volcan, broadcast on France 5 a few years ago. (https://www.dailymotion.com/video/xv151s)


Night ascent of Kawah Ijen

  Kawah Ijen, a must for volcano lovers  

 At night, you will be fascinated by the spectacle offered to you: depending on the pressure and the ambient temperature, the sulfur begins to burn. In the darkness, the blue flames that dance in the night, licking the sides of the volcano, will transport you to another space-time. The flames are only visible when there is no light, so remember to turn off your headlamp when you arrive at the bottom of the crater. You can stay at the bottom of the crater and observe the workers harvesting the sulfur as close as possible to the chimneys, before going up quietly to enjoy the sunrise over the volcano at around 5:30 in the morning.


If you prefer excursions away from the crowds, however, we advise you to climb Kawah Ijen after the first wave of tourists, around 7 or 8 a.m., rather than at 4 or 5 a.m., as visitors who do the ascent at night to see the blue flames. You will come across the first visitors who are starting to come down, and you will have the volcano almost to yourself!


Discover Kawah Ijen with Azimuth Adventure Travel

  Kawah Ijen, a must for volcano lovers  

 The tour to Kawah Ijen that we offer starts from Paltuding, around 7 a.m. After a short hour of walking, we arrive at the weighing station located on the outer side of the volcano. This is where the sulfur carriers coming up from the crater stop to weigh the contents of their baskets. After a few minutes of rest, we continue our way towards the edge of the crater, which we reach after another half hour of walking. Once you reach the summit, you can, if you wish, descend into the crater to get closer to the acid lake. On the way back, we will take the time to stop to chat with the miners who are weighing their suffering.


The smoke escaping from the volcano can sometimes be very unpleasant. Your guide can provide you with masks to protect you from toxic fumes.


Difficulty level: Easy


Just like Bromo, one of the strong points of Kawah Ijen is that its climb is accessible to everyone. The first part of the ascent is done on a track approximately 3 meters wide which extends over two kilometers. The difference in altitude is quite significant over the first few kilometers, but the end of the route is much easier. The climb is also rather short: around three hours to go up and return to the starting point.


When to go?


Climbing Kawah Ijen is possible all year round. You will probably have less chance of finding rain (but more chance of finding other tourists!) between June and August.


Our advice for climbing Kawah Ijen

  Kawah Ijen, a must for volcano lovers  

 Bring a mask to protect yourself from fumaroles and sulfur fumes, especially if you plan to descend into the crater. If you stay upstairs, the fumes will be less strong, but the mask can serve as a protection against the sulfur odors which can bother some people. It is also recommended that travelers with breathing problems take precautions.


Also bring warm clothing if you plan to climb at night. Temperatures can drop to 5 degrees Celsius. Also bring good walking shoes, especially for the descent into the crater. The path is less marked and can in some places be quite chaotic, even slippery. For night climbs, a headlamp is more than appreciated.


Finally, if watching a documentary made you want to help miners in very difficult working conditions in one way or another, know that what they need most is money, and that any other form of assistance may not be tailored to their real needs. For example, some travelers bring good mountain shoes in their luggage so that minors can use them instead of their flip-flops or plastic boots. These shoes are often not used but resold, in order to meet the financial needs of the family. Don’t hesitate to give them a small ticket if you want to take a photo of them, but avoid inconveniencing them during their efforts.


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