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Indonesia, a very kids friendly destination (testimony)

Indonesia, a very kids friendly destination (testimony)

Mar 15 2024

Are you looking for a welcoming destination for a family trip? Do not search anymore ! Indonesia is the country for you!


Traveling as a family is not always easy, and choosing a destination that suits everyone is not easy.


Living in Indonesia for 10 years, and mother of a 4 year old little girl, I realize every day how lucky I am to live in such a “kids friendly” environment. The proof in 3 with (true!) examples experienced a few days apart.


On the way to the races with my daughter, mission: fruits and vegetables for the week. Mila sits on the small seat in front of the scooter (yes! Even with children, the scooter remains the preferred means of transport for short distances.) First stop: gas. While the husband fills the tank, his wife offers Nina a small bag of freshly cut mangoes. “Do you like mangoes? These are very sweet. Take it, it is for you." Seeing Nina’s excited expression, I explain: “She keeps asking me for mangoes. It’s his favorite fruit but it’s no longer in season and we can no longer find it in merchants.” Thereupon the gentleman leaves and returns giving Nina two very ripe mangoes. Fruit mission successful! And as a gift with that!


The next day, meal break in a small restaurant on the edge of the rice field. One of our favorite canteens because, in addition to the excellent carrot cake, the owner had the good taste to install a pond with fish which delights the children while the parents quietly sip their coffee. Faced with Nina's insistence on trying to feed the fish with all the dead leaves that fell on the terrace, the employee finally arrives with a small box of fish food and sits next to Nina while she happily distributes the little beads that the carp deign to – finally – swallow!


A few days later, we try a new warung (small local restaurant). After choosing and writing on the paper what we want to eat, the waitress comes to reread and check the order: “One “nasi goreng” (fried rice) and two hot teas with a little sugar.” Nina’s indignant look: “I said “lots of sugar!” A look of connivance from the waitress in my direction, then a big smile at my daughter: “Ah yes, of course, tea with lots of sugar!”


The nasi goreng swallowed, I get up to pay and while I see from a distance my daughter rushing under the table to try to fish out her lost flip-flops, a waitress (another one, not the same) rushes to her rescue to clear the chairs and make it easier for him to go to the exit.


A minute later, as I maneuver the scooter back into the direction of travel, I listen absent-mindedly to the oh-so-mundane conversation between the parking attendant and my daughter:


  •         What's your name ?
  •         Nina. 
  •         How old are you?
  •         4 years. 
  •         But you're already big! What class are you in? 
  •         Class 0 (invariable response from Nina, who considers that before class 1 of primary school, we are necessarily in class 0.)


Frank and sincere laughter from the gentleman, who ends the conversation with an inevitable: “Hati-hati di jalan!” (Be careful on the road !)


Rest assured, your children will always be welcomed with pleasure wherever you go. And don't worry: if you don't find places labeled kids friendly in your guide, it's because the entire country is...


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