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Immersion in 5 typical villages around Yogyakarta

Immersion in 5 typical villages around Yogyakarta

Mar 18 2024

The village of Bobung


Not far from the village of Putat, in the Gunungkidul region, it is in Bobung that the authentic wooden batik mask is made. This specialty is a tradition of the villagers, who practice Topeng Panji (panji mask dance). They perform this mask dance each harvest season to express their gratitude.


Besides making wooden batik masks, the village also makes trays, puppets, key chains and many other items.


Visitors can experience the process of creating batik on wood in the workshops and browse other galleries of batik artwork.


The village of Nglanggeran


If you want to breathe fresh air and escape the hustle and bustle of the city, this is the place for you.


In the ancient volcanic complex is the small village of Nglanggeran. Here you can immerse yourself in the daily activities of the natives: planting rice, making masks and other handicrafts from young coconut leaves, and participating in the preparation of succulent dishes.


This village surrounded by nature also offers a multitude of typical outdoor activities such as flying fox, camping and hiking.


The village of Manding


The small village of Manding is located about fifteen kilometers from Yogyakarta and renowned for its leather goods workshops. Bags, wallets, leather jackets, belts… It’s all there!


In this village, leather artisans work daily and exhibit numerous works in their homes. Leather goods are offered at fair prices and potential buyers are also welcome to negotiate.


The village of Kelor


A lush village nestled in a small hamlet, Kelor is home to farmers and growers who grow mushrooms and salak, more commonly known as "snake fruit."


In addition to enjoying a lush green landscape, as well as local delicacies, visitors have the opportunity to immerse themselves in various outdoor activities.


The batik village of Giriloyo


  Immersion in 5 typical villages around Yogyakarta  


Known for its hand-drawn Batik works, the village of Giriloyo has become a veritable Batik capital.


The village's artists are keen to share their skills with visitors in different ways. Those interested in learning more about Batik can gain insight by creating patterns on their own, using a canting (pen-shaped tool) to spread the hot wax onto the piece of fabric. As a souvenir, a small piece of Batik is given to each visitor.


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