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How to choose your plane ticket to Indonesia: all the tips for traveling smart

How to choose your plane ticket to Indonesia: all the tips for traveling smart

Mar 14 2024

Flight comparators: advantages and disadvantages


There are many flight comparators on the Internet that allow you to compare prices between different companies in just a few clicks. Comparators help you quickly find the lowest prices, and often offer promotions that you cannot find if you buy your ticket directly on the company's website.


However, if you buy your plane ticket via a comparator, be aware that the after-sales service will be, if not zero, very limited at best. Make sure that all the information entered when purchasing the ticket is correct, and that your travel dates are final. If you buy a ticket via a comparator, it will not be possible for you to contact the company directly for any reason. You will have to go through the site that sold you the tickets, which often proves to be a real obstacle course (Travelgenio) and which can also be very expensive when the only way to contact after-sales service is to make a call to a premium rate telephone number (Edreams).


Our advice for a comfortable flight

  How to choose your plane ticket to Indonesia: all the tips for traveling smart   

1. Choose flights with as few stopovers as possible


All travelers will tell you: the most tiring part of long trips is not the plane, it’s the transits. However, whether from Europe or Canada, there are no direct flights to Indonesia. To avoid spending too much time in airport waiting rooms, choose companies that offer short stopovers, at the beginning or end of the trip.


From Europe, the most direct flights can reach Indonesia in 16 hours. Companies like Air France, Swiss Air, Singapore Airlines or Turkish Airlines offer very interesting flights: short stopover (one to two hours), in Amsterdam or Istanbul at the start of the trip, Singapore or Kuala Lumpur at the end of the flight. For the most relaxing flight possible, try to avoid Middle Eastern companies which offer routes with a stopover in the Middle East cutting the trip in two, sometimes in the middle of the night. If the airports of Dubai (Emirates Airlines) or Doha (Qatar Airlines) are rather well equipped and offer rest rooms and numerous restaurants and shops, turn away from Saudi Arabia Airlines flights which transit through Jeddah. An inevitable passage for all pilgrims traveling to or from Mecca, the transit hall at Jeddah airport is crowded most of the time. Resembling more of a huge train station hall than an international airport lounge, there is also no possibility of eating or resting. The few shops can be counted on the fingers of one hand, and only offer drinks and a few snacks.


If you are in Quebec, it takes around 23 hours to arrive in Indonesia via the fastest routes. From Toronto or Montreal, companies such as Cathay Pacific, KLM or Air Canada allow you to reach Jakarta or Bali with a single stopover in Hong Kong, Shanghai or Amsterdam.


2. Choose door-to-door tickets for added peace of mind


Do you live in Lyon and want to visit Indonesia, starting with Yogyakarta on the island of Java? Flight comparators make it easy to purchase journeys combining domestic and international flights, including with different companies. Advantages? You check in your luggage at the departure airport, and you don't worry about it again until you arrive at your destination. The transfer of your luggage will take place automatically. Another positive point: if one of the flights is delayed, you don't have to be afraid of missing your connection. The company will do what is necessary to wait for you, and if this is not possible, it will find you another plane to take you safely to your port. Although door-to-door flights are often more expensive than the same flights purchased separately, they certainly guarantee a worry-free trip!


Our tips for a low-budget flight

  How to choose your plane ticket to Indonesia: all the tips for traveling smart  


The only secret to traveling inexpensively is not to rush by buying the first tickets found and to take a little time to compare different options depending on your outward and return dates and your departure and arrival airports.


1. Buy well in advance and avoid holiday periods


For long international flights, start looking at ticket prices 12 to 9 months earlier. For domestic or intercontinental flights (Paris-Amsterdam or Kuala Lumpur – Yogyakarta), you will find the best prices by booking 6 to 4 months in advance. Air Asia is by far the most efficient and cheapest low-cost airline in Asia. It offers many domestic flights in Indonesia and connects many Indonesian cities to Southeast Asian countries. If you book tickets with Air Asia, check the prices regularly and wait for the “Promo” flights to become available (usually 4 months in advance). For flights arriving or departing from Indonesia, you can also use the and sites to compare the prices of different local companies.


2. Take tickets from major airports and avoid arriving in Bali


Take the time to compare the different options and different flight combinations available to you. If you live in Belgium, you can try one of the departure cities: Brussels but also Geneva, Paris or Amsterdam. If you are leaving from Quebec, compare prices from Montreal and Toronto.


As the tourist capital of Indonesia, flights landing directly in Bali are often much more expensive than flights arriving in Jakarta, which in turn are more expensive than flights arriving in Singapore or Kuala Lumpur. Many companies connect major European and Quebec cities to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur at unbeatable prices. From there, you can reach Indonesia in about two hours by plane. No visa is necessary to leave the airport in Singapore or Kuala Lumpur and this can therefore also be an opportunity to stop for a few days before or after your trip to Indonesia.


European travelers on a tight budget, you will probably fly with one of the Gulf companies, Saudi Arabia Airlines often offering unbeatable prices far ahead of other companies.


Quebec travelers, the comparison of the different options is essential, especially since you have the choice to reach Indonesia to go through the East (via Europe or the Middle East) or through the West (via Vancouver and/or Japan, South Korea or even Hong Kong).


3. Be flexible in your dates


If you don't have specific dates, take the time to compare the price differences by varying your departure date, your arrival date, or both. Skyscanner, a price comparator, also offers an option that allows you to find the lowest prices over a given period.


4. Account for all costs carefully


Have you found a great flight promotion from Geneva to Singapore? Before buying it, remember to estimate as accurately as possible all the costs involved: if you take a flight from a city that is not your city of residence, search on traveler forums for approximate prices for the flight. journey to get there.


Also check your flight schedules: if you leave very early in the morning, or if you arrive late in the evening, you will probably have to spend a night in the city of departure or arrival of your flight. It is sometimes more interesting to take a slightly more expensive flight arriving directly in Jakarta, rather than having to pay for a hotel night and stay in Singapore for a day with all the financial costs that this implies (food, travel, etc.). ). If you plan to transit through Kuala Lumpur, note that the airport is very far from the city. If you only plan to spend one night there, you will probably have to stay in a hotel close to the airport which will necessarily be expensive.


You now have all the cards in hand to choose your ticket... At your keyboards...Ready? Search!


And, if you're definitely averse to searching for flights online (or simply don't have the time to bother with it), please note that Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd can help you find the best flight at the best price (among more than 200 airlines) thanks to the OptionWay tool, which allows us to:


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Have a nice trip to Indonesia!


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