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Focus on Indonesian gastronomy

Focus on Indonesian gastronomy

Mar 14 2024

Traveling to Indonesia is an opportunity to discover new flavors! Indonesian gastronomy is rich, varied and succulent. The unique taste of local specialties results from a mixture of Chinese, Indian, Arabic and even European cuisine. A true ethnic mix, you will not be disappointed by this tasty culinary adventure!



The basics of Indonesian cuisine


The richness of Indonesian cuisine can be explained by its numerous origins: China, India, Malaysia, the Middle East, Europe, etc. As in the majority of Asian countries, rice (nasi) or noodles (mie) remain the staple foods of the archipelago. All traditional local recipes contain spices to enhance their flavor, especially turmeric and curry.


As for accompaniments, various foods add flavor: seafood (fish, shellfish, etc.), meat (chicken, mutton, beef, or pig), vegetables, etc.


Starchy vegetables and tubers are also very often cooked to vary the tastes. Take advantage of your stay in Indonesia to try dishes made from sweet potato, corn or cassava.



Indonesian specialties


Indonesian specialties are as tasty as each other. Here is a selection of must-have dishes for serious gourmands:


The nasi goreng


  Focus on Indonesian gastronomy  


Nasi goreng or fried rice is the most common dish in Indonesia. Also, its preparation varies depending on the region, but generally speaking, it consists of fried rice mixed with various ingredients: pieces of chicken, vegetables, fried onions, fried or scrambled egg, etc.


The mie goreng


  Focus on Indonesian gastronomy  


Mie goreng or fried noodles is the second popular specialty in the archipelago. It is cooked in the same way as nasi goreng, with the difference that noodles replace rice.


The gado gado


  Focus on Indonesian gastronomy  


Gado gado is aimed at fans of vegetarian dishes who will always find what they are looking for in Indonesia! It is a salad of cooked vegetables, usually bean sprouts and cabbage, enhanced with a peanut-based sauce. As this preparation is often very spicy, local chefs generally serve it with lontong (very compact rice) in order to soften the seasoning.


The sate


  Focus on Indonesian gastronomy  


Barbecue lovers will definitely love the sate. These are grilled skewers of meat (mostly chicken), often served with a peanut or soy sauce to accentuate their flavor. Once again, rice, but also raw vegetables, can accompany these skewers.


The babi kecap


  Focus on Indonesian gastronomy  


Babi kecap is one of the heartiest Balinese dishes. It’s a pork tenderloin drizzled with “kecap” sauce. The latter is described as a thick, moderately spicy and sweet soy sauce. Its taste is similar to sweet soy sauce made in Japan.


The babi guling


  Focus on Indonesian gastronomy  


The title of the best Balinese dish, but also one of the most expensive, goes to babi guling. This is a roast suckling pig accompanied by nasi goreng. This dish is quite rare because the Balinese only cook it on holidays or important occasions.



Some drinks to try in Indonesia


Indonesia also offers a wide choice of hot and cold drinks, alcoholic or not.


Alcoholic drinks


  Focus on Indonesian gastronomy  


The archipelago has many surprises in store for those who want to try new alcoholic flavors. Various brands of beer exist and are available in Indonesia: Bintang, Bali Hai, Anker, etc. Wine lovers, try the brem. This is a rice wine made in house or distributed in bottles under the Bali Brem brand. Also discover Australian wines and Balinese wine in Bali restaurants.


Other drinks


There is no shortage of local drinks! In Indonesia, with the omnipresent heat, fruits are mixed, individually or in assortment, to produce very fresh juice. Avocado juice (apokat) mixed with chocolate powder is the most popular cocktail. Additionally, also try es campur, a drink made from fruits mixed with jelly and crushed ice. If you prefer soft drinks, try the Green Sands which combines the flavors of apple and lemon, with a low alcohol content.


As you can see, you will always find good dishes to taste in Indonesia!


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