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Festivals not to be missed in Indonesia

Festivals not to be missed in Indonesia

Mar 14 2024

When it comes to cultural events, Indonesia has absolutely nothing to envy of the rest of the world! Dance, theater, music, arts… We no longer doubt its incredible artistic and cultural wealth. What if your stay on the Indonesian archipelago coincided with one of its many festivals? To find out, we have prepared for you a small list of the main annual Indonesian festivals, not to be missed if you have the opportunity to go on a trip to Indonesia!


The Java Jazz Festival in Jakarta

  Festivals not to be missed in Indonesia  

 Every year in March, one of the largest jazz festivals in the world takes place in Jakarta. Taking place over a period of three days, this event has been hosted by the Indonesian capital for fourteen years. The festival features many international artists and in particular allows a large number of Indonesian artists to become known to the general international public. More than 50,000 visitors come to the Java Jazz Festival every year. So it would be a shame to miss this during a visit to Jakarta!


The Bali Spirit Festival


Zen, relaxation and relaxation are among the values transmitted by master yogis. Many of us know: Bali is conducive to this spiritual, calm and relaxing state of mind. So what could be more perfect than going to the Island of the Gods in April to attend the Bali Spirit Festival in Batuan? Dance, music and yoga enthusiasts meet there every year. For a week, they share and transmit their passion and their knowledge. Many yoga, martial arts and music teachers come to the Bali Spirit Festival to give classes, seminars and supervise many activities. Sharing and conviviality are there! You will definitely find peace and serenity there and will come out happy with this experience!


Bali Arts Festival


Bali has always had a strong cultural and artistic impact on the rest of Indonesia. For forty years, the Bali Arts Festival has taken place every year from June to July in Denpasar. Visitors are delighted to be able to attend exhibitions, musical performances, theatrical performances, dances, parades, etc. The Bali Arts Festival is an event conducive to an enriching immersion in Balinese culture. Newcomers are excited to learn more about Bali through the arts!


The Kuta Karnival

  Festivals not to be missed in Indonesia  

 Since 2003, the Balinese island has hosted a new edition of Kuta Karnival every year for a month, a festival which generally takes place in September. It is a paradise for lovers of gastronomy, music and dance. On the program: shows and numerous artistic performances! What's more, there's nothing like strolling between the stands, tasting the culinary specialties of the Indonesian archipelago and appreciating the thousand flavors! Fans of surfing, skateboarding and other board sports will also find what they are looking for. Indeed, the festival hosts numerous sporting competitions during this period. So don’t miss out on a trip to Kuta beach if your stay coincides with Karnival!


The Ubud Literature Festival


Ubud is often considered the cultural capital of Bali. It is therefore quite natural that the city was chosen to host the Literature Festival every year in October. Around a hundred Indonesian and international writers meet there to promote literature and share their work. The event offers debates, conferences, author meetings, book presentations, etc. Thus, the Ubud Literature Festival receives around 17,000 visitors per year and its reputation continues to grow nationally and beyond Indonesian borders. Literature buffs passing through Bali will love the activities and meetings offered throughout this festival!


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