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Ecotourism in Indonesia: travelers can make a difference!

Ecotourism in Indonesia: travelers can make a difference!

Mar 18 2024

It's no secret. The world's oceans are in trouble. Overfishing, harmful commercial fishing practices, a growing micro-plastic problem and the effects of climate change are taking a toll on the world's seas, oceans and waterways.


In response to the crisis, many initiatives have been launched to improve the health of the oceans. Some of them encourage ecotourism and welcome anyone who is willing to participate and help. Travelers can participate in a variety of programs that directly address the issues facing our oceans.


In an increasingly globalized world, traveling abroad is a pleasure that many can enjoy. But air travel and the effects of mass tourism have a carbon and ecological footprint that every destination and every traveler must take into account. The growth of ecotourism can then provide certain solutions.


If you want to take part in this effort during your next vacation, here's where travelers who love maritime spaces have the opportunity to make a difference.


  Ecotourism in Indonesia: travelers can make a difference!  




CERES (Centre for Education and Research in Environmental Strategies) is an Australian non-profit initiative based in Melbourne. In 2021, CERES will return to Indonesia to continue the work started in collaboration with Indonesian government organizations in 2018 and 2019.


During their journey, travelers can help researchers and leading environmentalists collect water samples for research into marine microplastics. Participants then learn about the root causes and complexities inherent in finding policy and community solutions to the global challenges facing the oceans.


Miscellaneous Clean Action


Divers Clean Action (DCA) is an Indonesian NGO specializing in the fight against marine debris, particularly in small Indonesian islands. This organization also aims to further involve young people in the health and well-being of the oceans, as well as to put in place preventive and curative measures.


DCA organizes regular two-day underwater excursions to Harapan Island under the SOSIS (Save Our Small Islands) program, in collaboration with the Indonesian Biodiversity Foundation. Divers are equipped with a collection bag for underwater and land activities. They can check out turtle conservation programs, learn about how waste depots and recycling facilities work, help plant corals, make eco-bricks, and become familiar with the local environment.


A diving license is not required and snorkel divers are also welcome to participate in the mobilizations.


NBRC (Northern Bali Reef Conservation)


The NGO North Bali Reef Conservation aims to preserve corals and works on preventive actions. Volunteers from this association help plan and build artificial reef structures. The NGO is very active and has installed more than 3,000 artificial reef structures around Bali. These new reefs are home to corals and small species of fish and attract wider marine life. Reefs are placed in places where the natural reef has been destroyed.


In addition to its artificial reef program, North Bali Reef Conservation regularly holds weekly cleanups at Tianyar Beach. Young students from local schools are encouraged to participate, with the aim of teaching the future generation the importance of protecting the environment and raising awareness among young people of the damage caused by plastic pollution.


  Ecotourism in Indonesia: travelers can make a difference!  


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