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Discovery of the small Sunda Islands

Discovery of the small Sunda Islands

Mar 18 2024

The Lesser Sunda Islands archipelago is located in Indonesia. The best known are Bali and Lombok, although the islet also includes the islands of Sumbawa, Sumba, Flores and Timor. On a tour or cruise, exploring these natural sites promises an unforgettable trip to Indonesia. Would you like to take advantage of your stay to climb the Tambora volcano or see the komodo dragons? Find out everything you need to know about the province of Nusa Tenggara Timur!


Discover the Lesser Sunda Islands: trip between Lombok and East Timor




  Discovery of the small Sunda Islands  


Nicknamed “the chili island” by the locals, Lombok offers vibrant and colorful landscapes with its green plains, its southern hills and its white sand beaches. Long remaining in the shadow of Bali, it is today appreciated for its trails, in the middle of rice fields and tobacco fields. It also delights trekkers and surfers, attracted by Mount Rinjani and its legendary waves on the south coast.




  Discovery of the small Sunda Islands  


Less developed than Lombok or Bali, Sumbawa is still little frequented – to the delight of surfers. This great little-known area of 15,448 km2 (3 times the size of Lombok!) nevertheless has some great attractions, such as:


The Tambora volcano: with a highest point at more than 2,800 meters above sea level, it offers a panoramic view of eastern Indonesia.

Dalam Loka Palace: this immense wooden palace, erected in 1885, stands proudly on stilts. According to legend, this monument is an architectural feat, since it was built without the use of a single nail!




  Discovery of the small Sunda Islands  


The island of Sumba is known for its extensive horse breeding. Still used as a means of transport and as a symbol of wealth, these animals are an integral part of the landscape. During your stay, stop at Waingapu, the largest town in Sumba, which nevertheless remains wild and has few accommodations. The opportunity to discover authentic local life, thanks to these small villages, its gastronomy and its ikat workshops (or the art of traditional weaving).


With its sumptuous beaches, the island of Sumba is an ideal spot for diving. If the only club is based at Nihiwatu Beach, snorkeling enthusiasts will discover a great overview of the aquatic fauna. Do you prefer to fish? Rent a boat and learn about the open sea, with local sailors!




  Discovery of the small Sunda Islands  


Victim of several invasions throughout history, Timor is today a peaceful and untouristed island. A magical place for diving enthusiasts, it promises moments of relaxation on its wild beaches.


With fertile land, agriculture is its main activity. Nestled in the heart of its green landscapes, small villages preserve and perpetuate the ancestral traditions of the island. An advice ? Explore the markets for authentic moments with locals, who will introduce you to local products.




  Discovery of the small Sunda Islands  


Among its treasures, the island of Flores counts Mount Kelimutu. This still active volcano overlooks the pretty village of Moni. Visiting this island also means making friends with the local population, who are always very warm. Upon contact, you will discover the culture of Flores and appreciate the mixed scents of coffee, chocolate and exotic fruits, which perfume the island.




Bali and Komodo: 2 islands and 2 circuits to discover Indonesia differently


From Flores to Komodo


  Discovery of the small Sunda Islands  


The island of Flores is crossed by a 670 km long road, called the TransFlores. As you travel along it, you can admire the rice fields, cliffs and volcanoes that line the route, as well as the beaches nestled in the bays of Maumere and Labuan Bajo. The latter is the most populated city on the island, but also the starting point for Komodo…



Want to see the famous dragons, 3 meters long and 70 kilos? Head to the national park! If you don't know how to get there, take a cruise and explore the essential sites of Flores and Komodo




  Discovery of the small Sunda Islands  


The Island of the Gods, better known as Bali, is located between Java and Lombok. Despite its small area of 5,637 km2, this Sunda Island is full of wonders. Paradise and volcanic landscapes, tropical jungle and fine sandy beaches: to explore its thousand and one wonders, a stopover of around ten days is necessary.



Organizing such a trip can be very time-consuming! Do you want to leave without worrying about the organization? Put on your hiking shoes and walk the paths of the gods to discover Bali differently.


An overview of the program?

  • Walk in the rice fields towards Tampaksiring
  • Stopover in a small seaside resort of Pemuteran
  • Stop at the cradle of Balinese culture, located in the heart of Munduk
  • Visit Ulun Danau temple
  • Ascent of Mount Batur


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