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Discovery of Mount Bromo with Azimuth Adventure Travel

Discovery of Mount Bromo with Azimuth Adventure Travel

Mar 15 2024

The Bromo volcano is high on the list of must-see attractions in Indonesia. This volcano, peaking at 2,329 meters high, is nothing less than the most visited volcano in the archipelago. It is located in the province of East Java, in the Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park. The Tengger caldera, in which Mount Bromo is located, has two other volcanic cones: Mount Batok and Mount Semeru.


The classic route taken by 99% of tourists consists of leaving Cemoro Lawang, the village closest to the volcano around 4 a.m., in order to climb to the top of Mount Penanjakan. From there, it is possible to watch the sunrise on Mount Bromo (the sun rises around 5:30 a.m.). After this first stage, travelers descend into the caldera to reach Mount Bromo, and leave the area at the end of the morning.


The circuit that we offer you at Azimuth Adventure Travel is deliberately against the flow of the route taken by the crowd, in order to allow you to fully enjoy the magical landscapes that surround you and to do it alone. We do not do Mount Penanjakan and Bromo in one go, as most tourist agencies offer. We prefer to take you first to Mount Bromo, then the next day at dawn, admire it from afar from the top of Mount Penanjakan.


Tour to Mount Bromo with Azimuth Adventure Travel


Day 1: Mount Bromo.


We leave in the morning from Tumpang, a small town located east of Malang. After crossing the national park by jeep or 4X4, we arrive at Cemoro Lawang late in the morning and have lunch there. We begin the trek to Mount Bromo after lunch, when most visitors have already left the area. We cross on foot the sea of sand which surrounds the volcanic cone, giving this landscape a lunar and timeless feel. If weather conditions permit, we tour the crater. The volcano being very active, it is not uncommon to see smoke coming out of it, sometimes giving off a strong smell of sulfur. By making this ascent in the afternoon, we avoid all the visitors, which guarantees us a discovery of the smoking craters practically alone. For those who wish, staying on the edges of the craters until sunset offers magnificent orange-tinted colors on the volcano and the caldera, a spectacle that you will not soon forget. We return to the hotel late in the afternoon or at night with the help of headlamps.


  Discovery of Mount Bromo with Azimuth Adventure Travel    Discovery of Mount Bromo with Azimuth Adventure Travel    Discovery of Mount Bromo with Azimuth Adventure Travel  


Day 2: Penanjakan.


The sunrise over Mount Bromo from Mount Penanjakan is certainly a very beautiful spectacle, but it is popular with travelers and travel agencies. At this time, you will probably have to elbow your way through the crowd to observe the silhouette of Bromo silhouetted against the redness of dawn. A platform has been specially designed to welcome visitors and enjoy the panoramic view of the entire Tenger caldera and its volcanic cones and the Cemoro Lawang village below.


  Discovery of Mount Bromo with Azimuth Adventure Travel  


We suggest going up there by Jeep but some like to leave before dawn to reach the viewpoint on foot and be the first there. The morning hike is not really difficult and a whole portion is currently under construction to make it easier to climb with steps.


Arriving near the viewpoint, you will come across a few shops and restaurants. You can then buy a hat, gloves, scarf and rent a warm coat on site if you hadn't planned one. These small shops are also perfect if you are feeling a little peckish after the climb.


Difficulty level: Easy


Mount Bromo is accessible to all travelers. Low in height, its crater is served by a staircase, which makes its ascent very easy. The ascent of Mount Penanjakan is also very easy, the path being wide and very well maintained.


When to go to Mount Bromo?


In theory, Bromo can be done at any time of the year. However, by going there during the dry season, from May to October, you run less risk of overcast weather and poor visibility. Avoid weekends if possible, to avoid crowds. If you want to combine nature and culture, you can find out the date of the Hindu Kasada ceremony, which takes place from the 14th to the 16th of the Kasada month of the Javanese calendar. During this ceremony, to which all spectators are welcome, processions towards Bromo are organized, and offerings (food, even live poultry) are thrown into the crater.


Our advice for discovering Mount Bromo

Bring warm clothes for the morning ascent of Mount Penanjakan, since temperatures at altitude in the morning are relatively cool, and waiting there can quickly cool you down. A scarf or muffler can also be very useful when climbing Bromo to limit the impact of fumaroles and the smell of sulfur. These can also be very useful in the caldera to protect yourself from the wind which lifts the sand/ash in its path.


Good walking shoes, preferably high or semi-high, are recommended to limit sand in shoes when walking in the caldera. They will also be very good for both climbs.


You are now ready to discover Mont Bromo in the best conditions!


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