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Carztensz Pyramid

Carztensz Pyramid

Mar 14 2024

Carstensz Pyramid or Puncak Jaya with its 4884m is a “Seven Mythical Summits”. This name alone evokes adventure for all great mountaineers wishing to conquer the seven highest peaks of the seven continents Africa, Asia, America, Europe, Oceania, Antarctica and the Arctic. During a naval reconnaissance in southern Papua in February 1623, the Dutchman Jan Carstensz was intrigued by these high mountains where an endless white coat could be seen. An expedition of several hundred men was quickly set up to try to cross the inextricable jungle and scale this immense barrier of the Jayawijaya mountains. After much effort, the expedition arrived at the summit and the discovery of the numerous high-altitude glaciers was a huge surprise in these latitudes. He gave his name to the highest barrier, Carstensz Pyramid. The Carstensz fell into oblivion in Papua for three centuries before American geologists uncovered a veritable mineral treasure, composed of copper but especially gold. Tembagapura (the copper temple) was born. This open-air mine became one of the largest on the planet. But Tembagapura is also a fabulous Balsatic plateau in the Lorentz National Park, which extends from the Arafura Sea to the foot of Puncak and where in the last century glaciers covered a mountain range of 1,500 km. Global warming could turn everything upside down within ten years, no more. Glaciers like the Nagga Pulu, the Meren Tongue and the Carstensz are shrinking rapidly. Between 1936 and 2010, at least 78% of the ice disappeared. Who is at fault? The Grasberg mine is mentioned but it seems that the “El Nino” climatic phenomenon is more responsible. Kal Muller, an anthropologist overseeing Tembagapura's ecological situation, and Lonnie Thompson, a professor at Ohio University, both point out that the glacier's disappearance is only a matter of time and a bad signal. for future local generations. If you are a fan of sporting exploits, extreme adventure or simply seeing the highest glacier in Oceania, there is still time to prepare your expedition and your luggage and go and measure yourself against this beautiful, irreplaceable but how difficult Cartstensz is. According to the text by Thierry Robinet, adventurer & guide in Indonesia since 1977.


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