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Being a vegetarian and traveling to Indonesia

Being a vegetarian and traveling to Indonesia

Mar 14 2024

Being vegetarian at home is nice, but when it comes to traveling, things get a little complicated and eating according to our lifestyle becomes a real obstacle course. But no matter, vegetarians will always find what they are looking for during a stay in Indonesia! It is in fact very easy to find meat-free dishes on the Indonesian archipelago since vegetables and fruits are often featured there. In this article, we provide you with all our tips for eating vegetarian in Indonesia and traveling with peace of mind!


Indonesia, country of a thousand flavors


The staple foods in Indonesia remain rice, banana, coconut, peanut and soy. You will find very few dishes that do not have one of these foods. The choice of meat depends a lot on the region you are in and the religion that predominates there. But rest assured, meat dishes are very often separated from vegetable dishes.


Generally, vegetables cost much less and Indonesians are big consumers of them. Green vegetables, carrots, squash, cabbage, etc., are very present in their dishes. These are most often stir-fried, wok-cooked or steamed. A real delight for lovers of vegetables and healthy foods!


Those who love fruit will see Indonesia as a little paradise of flavors. Mangoes, bananas, citrus fruits, pineapples… The Indonesian archipelago grows many varieties of fruit. It’s also the perfect opportunity to taste local specialties like durian, rambutan or markisa (passion fruit)! Explosion of flavors guaranteed!


  Being a vegetarian and traveling to Indonesia  


The same goes for desserts since they are usually made with rice flour, rice, tapioca, coconut or palm sugar. If you have the opportunity, don't hesitate to try es campur, made with crushed ice, colored gelatin, fruit and coconut milk. Very refreshing when it’s hot!


Indonesians are also very fond of tempe, fermented and fried soy cakes. They use peanuts in particular to prepare their sauces. If you are tired of rice, also opt for the noodles as an accompaniment which we call mie in Indonesian. Some islands favor other starchy foods such as corn or millet.


Our advice for eating well vegetarian in Indonesia


  Being a vegetarian and traveling to Indonesia  


Fruit and vegetable stands at a Bali market


If you wish and if you have the possibility to cook for yourself, nothing prevents you from going to the local market and choosing your fruits and vegetables to prepare them in your sauce. This would allow you to get a great insight into the local culture and immerse yourself in the daily life of Indonesians.


However, don't forget that you will always find a warung (small street restaurant) which will easily offer vegetable dishes separate from those with meat. In Java, we generally eat sweeter foods than in Bali or Sumatra where the population prefers spicy dishes more.


No matter which Indonesian island you are on, don't hesitate to head for vegetable dishes like gado gado or cap cai.


Nowadays, most restaurants or hotels offer vegetarian dishes on the menu. This will make it easier for you to eat what you want. We also advise you to visit the site: which lists many vegan or vegetarian Indonesian restaurants.


If you go on excursions accompanied by a guide, also inform them of your food preferences, they will always ensure that your dishes meet your expectations.


Be careful, most Indonesian dishes are very spicy and Indonesians are fond of spicy foods. If you are not used to spices, be sure to let your hosts know. They will concoct and present you with slightly spicy dishes that you are sure to enjoy!


  Being a vegetarian and traveling to Indonesia  


A little Indonesian vocabulary


Nasi: Rice

Mie: Noodles

Ayam: Chicken

Udang: Shrimp

Sapi: Beef

Kambing: Sheep

Ikan: Fish

Pisang: Banana

Sayur: Vegetables

Telur: Egg

Susu: Milk


You now have all the cards in hand to have a pleasant stay in Indonesia, while enjoying yourself!


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