Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd: a new logo for a re-generation - Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd
Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd: a new logo for a re-generation

Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd: a new logo for a re-generation

Mar 19 2024

On the eve of its 25th anniversary, Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd is rejuvenating itself and unveiling a new logo!


This was designed to tell a story, that of a journey through Indonesia, which highlights respect: that of nature and local populations. Compared to its big brother, it indeed gains in depth and meaning, because it establishes a strong link between nature, cultural history and the human experiences that Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd has developed and personalized over all these years.


  Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd: a new logo for a re-generation  


Design elements


The mountain: This central element of the logo immediately evokes adventure. It represents not only the iconic volcanoes of Indonesia, but also the passion and energy that Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd transmits to its customers.


The stylized hand and the lava: The white shape at the tip of the volcano is an artful and multi-faceted representation. On the one hand, it is an evocation of gushing lava, symbolizing the natural force and energy of the numerous active volcanoes (130!) of the Indonesian archipelago. This shape also describes a stylized hand which recalls the first graphic representations of the very first tribes of Indonesia. This element anchors the brand in authenticity, tradition, and respect for local cultures. He underlines the importance of the human aspect in the trips offered by Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd, recalling that each itinerary is hand-crafted, tailor-made. This “protective” hand symbolizes the personal imprint of each traveler and also wishes to demonstrate the agency’s commitment to the preservation of biodiversity, the climate, and the authentic and ancestral heritage of the Indonesian archipelago. 


Triangular patterns: These shapes, reminiscent of a compass, highlight the name of Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd: they evoke direction or navigation. The triangles also symbolize the different paths that you can take thanks to the tailor-made itineraries that we offer.


Color palette: Green evokes the lush nature of Indonesia and emphasizes the eco-responsibility of Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd's offering. Orange, for its part, recalls the sun and warmth, both natural and human.


The typography: The typography is a harmonious blend of modernity and reliability, evoking the excitement and passion of travel. It reflects the brand's promise: modern, reliable and exciting adventures.


  Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd: a new logo for a re-generation  




Balance and Symmetry: The image of the volcano is centered above the text, creating a feeling of balance and harmony. This symmetrical layout inspires confidence and stability, essential for a travel business.


Visual hierarchy: By placing AZIMUTH in bold and large format (Adventure Travel Ltd is presented in a more subtle and linear manner), the layout establishes a clear hierarchy. The brand name is immediately identifiable, while the company description offers contextual information without visual overload.


Space and breathing: Despite the multiple elements of the logo, nothing is cramped. The space between the volcano design and the text, as well as between AZIMUTH and Adventure Travel Ltd, gives the design an open feel, evoking the great outdoors and vast horizons of travel.


Color consistency: The colors of the text and image are harmoniously matched, creating visual unity. This reinforces the idea that although the company offers a wide range of services, everything is integrated under one brand.


Interconnection of Elements: The way the hand/lava emanates from the top of the volcano and stretches upward creates a visual bridge between the volcano icon and the empty space above. The look is thus more fluid.


Adaptability: The layout is such that the logo is easily adaptable to different applications, whether on business cards, banners, websites or brochures. The volcano image can be used alone for smaller applications or when space is limited.


  Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd: a new logo for a re-generation  




The new logo perfectly embodies the values and specificities of Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd. It is both modern and timeless, while highlighting eco-responsibility, tailor-made, and the beauty of Indonesia.


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