Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd: a manifest for regeneration - Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd
Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd: a manifest for regeneration

Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd: a manifest for regeneration

Mar 20 2024

Originally from the North of France, Dominic Clarisse developed a passion for photography at the age of 17. After a scientific baccalaureate, he first completed a few internships in different photography studios in the Lille region. Then, freshly graduated from one of the most renowned Brussels schools, where he acquired solid training, Dominic took the opportunity to quench his thirst for photographic adventures.


  Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd: a manifest for regeneration  


His very first photo report, in 1992, was produced in West New Guinea (Indonesia), in order to immortalize the ancestral rites of some Papuan tribes in the highlands of Irian Jaya. These shots were then spotted by the famous press agency Gamma, which decided to broadcast them throughout the world. Despite his potential for a brilliant career in Europe, Dominic decided to focus on this fabulous region of Southeast Asia and has since worked on several projects that have led him to explore the region in full. He settled there permanently in 1996 and created, in 1999, an adventure travel agency: Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd.


  Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd: a manifest for regeneration  


The first true French-speaking agency specializing in walking trips and volcano climbs in Indonesia, Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd quickly collaborates with the main European tour operators of the genre, such as Allibert Trekking, Huwans, Terres d’Aventure, etc.


At the start of this great adventure, Dominic Clarisse divided his time between the office and the supervision, on the ground, of groups of travelers, which allowed him to explore the Indonesian archipelago in its smallest nooks and crannies, and consequently, to better convey his passion for the country.


  Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd: a manifest for regeneration  


A few years later, with success, the Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd team expanded and further developed a “spirit” that is dear to it:


Great lovers of the Indonesian people, their culture and their nature, we wish to take advantage of our experience of adventures across this astonishing archipelago by basing the spirit of our tours on three principles: Professionalism, Safety & Respect for Nature.



Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd is a Franco-Indonesian company which applies Western standards in terms of quality of service and our guides are regularly trained in Western coaching techniques.



Your safety is our main goal, ever-present in our minds. We therefore collaborate with the best guides, who, of course, master Western first aid techniques. We also prefer to guide small groups of a maximum of 10 people, but, if necessary, are also able to provide an additional guide for larger groups.


Respect for Nature

As an adventure and ecotourism company, one of our other priorities is to respect each site visited, because we do not want to turn Indonesia's paths into trash. Everyone must obviously feel responsible, but we believe we have a moral and social duty to educate in this area which is dear to us.


In short, Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd is a gathering of specialists particularly motivated to share a common passion: Indonesia.


  Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd: a manifest for regeneration  


This is how the Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd teams regularly carry out in-depth reconnaissance for any new adventure program, in order to study the impact on the environment. They also consult local residents in such a way that the future proposed circuits have no harmful influence on their daily lives. These meetings and consultations are part of the agency's regular tasks, which shape the unique identity of Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd.


Dominic Clarisse has always wanted to preserve a certain vision of the profession, that of observation and exploration, with total respect for local populations and nature.


  Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd: a manifest for regeneration  


It is with this in mind that Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd offers stays and tours in all regions of the Indonesian archipelago which arouse not only cultural but also sporting, ethnic, volcanological, social and even historical interest.


Our unique field experience, our unique vision & spirit of travel are the very essence of Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd, an agency which therefore offers “curious” and “passionate” travelers the opportunity to explore Indonesia in the best logistical conditions. : comfort, safety and efficiency!


  Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd: a manifest for regeneration  


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