Ascent of Mount Rinjani with Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd - Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd
Ascent of Mount Rinjani with Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd

Ascent of Mount Rinjani with Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd

Mar 15 2024

Rinjani is the one and only volcano on the island of Lombok, one of the small Sunda Islands located east of Bali. Culminating at 3726 meters above sea level, Rinjani is the second highest volcano in Indonesia. Although very physically demanding, the ascent of Rinjani is a must for trekking enthusiasts and many hikers regularly undertake the ascent to its summit.


Most agencies offer the choice between a 2-day tour and a 3-day tour. For our part, we favor the ascent of Rinjani in 3 days, which allows us to bivouac at the edge of Lake Segara Anak, and to relax in the hot waters of the natural springs of the volcano before undertaking the demanding walk up to at the top.


Ascent of Rinjani: the stages


The hike is carried out in 3 stages, with two nights in a tent.


Stage 1: Senaru – Lake SegaraAnak


The first stage is the longest, but not the most demanding. We leave the village of Senaru then walk for around eight hours to reach Lake Segara Anak at the end of the afternoon, on the banks of which we will bivouac. In the middle of the three-kilometre-long lake (the length which gave it its name “Child of the Sea”) stands the volcanic cone “GunungBaru”, which regularly spews small plumes of smoke.


We spend the evening in the company of the fishermen who are there and who come back to the village at the weekend to sell their catches.


  Ascent of Mount Rinjani with Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd  


Stage 2: Lake Segara Anak – Base camp


The next morning, after a relaxing swim in the hot springs around the lake, we walk for 3.5 hours to get as close as possible to the base camp which will be the starting point for the ascent to the summit of Rinjani. We set up the tents and rest in the afternoon to prepare for the difficult climb which will begin in the middle of the night.


Stage 3 Base camp - Summit


The final stage of the ascent of Mount Rinjani begins around midnight, at which time we begin a long walk to reach the summit for sunrise. This walk is physically demanding and requires excellent physical condition. The path being made of sand and stones, progress is difficult. In addition, the area is very exposed and it is often windy, which makes the place very cold.


For those who reach the summit, their walk will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of the entire island of Lombok, but also its neighbors, Bali and Sumbawa, on which Mount Tambora stands.


After 3 hours of descent, a well-deserved nap at base camp will allow walkers to recover. Finally, at the beginning of the afternoon, we reach the village of Sembalun Lawang on the eastern slopes of the volcano, where the car will be waiting for us.


  Ascent of Mount Rinjani with Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd  


Difficulty level: Demanding


The ascent of Mount Rinjani is very demanding and requires excellent physical condition. We recommend this walk to experienced and well-prepared walkers.


When to go?


The park is generally closed between January and March due to heavy rains. The wet terrain will make the ascent all the more dangerous and it is strongly recommended not to climb Rinjani in these conditions. The best time to go is between May and November. Prefer weekdays to weekends to limit the flow of tourists.


Our advice for Rinjani


Prepare your equipment well (good hiking shoes, warm clothes, windbreaker, gloves, headlamp, sunscreen because at the summit the sun is very strong). Walking poles can also be very useful.


Some hikers may also be subject to altitude sickness. Do not hesitate to find out more about the subject or ask your doctor for advice.


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