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5 good reasons to go to Indonesia

5 good reasons to go to Indonesia

Mar 18 2024

A timeless destination, Indonesia and its thousands of islands promise a colorful and emotional journey. With its sumptuous and diverse landscapes, its land conducive to adventure and well-being, its warm and fascinating people, Indonesia is one of those corners of the world that you absolutely must visit. Here are five reasons, among many, to choose Indonesia for your next vacation:


For its range of activities


  5 good reasons to go to Indonesia  


In Indonesia, you will not have time to get bored. In addition to visiting its cultural, historical and architectural treasures, you can plan a new activity for each day of your trip. Let's go for a sporting vacation: alternate between surfing, kitesurfing, diving, cruising, hiking, trekking, safari, yoga, meditation, paragliding, quad biking, canyoning, artistic or culinary workshops.... Indonesia is a destination that offers an incredible range of activities to visitors, so take the opportunity to have a blast! Besides, Indonesia is perfect for a family vacation.


For its relaxing setting


  5 good reasons to go to Indonesia  


But Indonesia is also the perfect destination for a wellness and relaxation vacation. Apart from high-adrenaline activities, Indonesia also offers an ideal setting to rest, forget all your daily worries and withdraw into yourself. For a spiritual retreat, this is one of the best destinations in the world! Thanks to its wild and incredibly colorful nature, its culture of respect and its philosophy of the present, Indonesia is one of the most beautiful places to practice yoga and meditation. If you want a relaxing vacation, take the opportunity to schedule a massage with essential oils or a bath in hot springs. In addition, the often vegetarian and very balanced food is perfect for a detox stay, and you can take advantage of the kindness of the locals to learn another way of living, simple and sincere.


For its marvelous landscapes


  5 good reasons to go to Indonesia  


Country of a thousand islands, Indonesia is also the country of a thousand colors. Its landscapes are absolutely breathtaking, with stunning contrasts and unique flora in the world. Between its large, still active volcanoes, its deep jungles, its waterfalls, its rice fields, its plains, its beaches and its coconut trees, Indonesia offers an exceptional natural setting. It is sometimes hard to believe that these heavenly but different reliefs rub shoulders so closely. To discover the most beautiful – and surprising – things nature has to offer, go to Indonesia!


For its exceptional wildlife


  5 good reasons to go to Indonesia  


Animal lovers, don’t hesitate before planning a trip to Indonesia. This Southeast Asian destination is one of the most beautiful safari destinations in the world. Indeed, Indonesia is renowned for its exceptional wildlife, which notably includes endemic and very rare species. Nearly 17% of the world's animals have chosen Indonesia as their refuge! You can, among other things, observe certain extraordinary animals there, unfortunately in danger of extinction: orangutans, Komodo dragons, Sumatran tigers...


For its cultural diversity


  5 good reasons to go to Indonesia  


Indonesia is also a superb holiday destination for its cultural heritage: in addition to visiting Indonesian temples, known throughout the world, take the time to meet the locals and discover their fascinating culture. In fact, Indonesians are said to be among the most welcoming people in the world, and you will be delighted by their warm and curious smiles. Very religious and respectful, they will be happy to invite you to ceremonies and share their philosophy of life with you. Without forgetting the great cultural diversity of the people, shared between several religions, tribes and traditions. Take advantage of your journey in Indonesia to meet the Torajas, “people of the mountains” with fascinating customs.


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