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4 vehicles for cheap travel in Indonesia

4 vehicles for cheap travel in Indonesia

Mar 15 2024

A trip to Indonesia requires good preparation, especially on a budgetary level. Expenses to plan for include food, accommodation, tickets to certain attractions, transportation, etc. It is often the trips that require the most charges to be paid: you must request transport at least twice a day to travel from one point to another. To reduce the cost of your travel in Indonesia, here are the 4 vehicles to choose during your stay.


The becak


  4 vehicles for cheap travel in Indonesia  


The becak, - pronounced "betchak" - is the most popular means of transport in certain cities in Indonesia. It is pleasant to travel through cities aboard this three-wheeled cycle rickshaw. Its passenger compartment is located at the front, which gives you plenty of time to enjoy the view of the monuments in the neighborhoods. Its configuration allows it to cross small streets to avoid traffic jams. Another advantage of traveling by becak: shopping is inexpensive. You can even haggle to lower standard prices.


The bicycle or the motorcycle


  4 vehicles for cheap travel in Indonesia  


Also, it is entirely possible for you to travel by bike or scooter through Indonesian streets. You will find two-wheeler rental services at affordable rates. These brands provide you with a wide choice of models according to your needs. By renting a bicycle or motorbike, many leisure activities are available to you: sporting and tourist walks off the beaten track, walks in neighborhoods with narrow streets, etc. Once on the way, exercise caution, as the roads are sometimes difficult to navigate, with heavy car traffic. However, the freedom you gain is worth it!


The Angkot


  4 vehicles for cheap travel in Indonesia  


The angkot is a small minibus that connects Indonesian towns and villages. Generally, it is a kombi, with a capacity of twelve people. You can pick it up at the bus terminal or on the way, just raising your hand to hitch a ride. The destinations served are written on the windshield. Read the dedicated sign carefully before going up so as not to get lost. Of course, traveling to Angkot allows you to meet local populations and immerse yourself in their daily lives. However, don't expect fixed and precise hours, here the driver takes his time! It’s adventure after all!


The train


  4 vehicles for cheap travel in Indonesia  


Finally, to experience an adventure rich in discoveries and encounters in Indonesia, opt for the train. For information, only the islands of Java and Sumatra offer this service. Ticket prices are affordable for all budgets, allowing you to serve several cities while being easy on your wallet. Meeting with the locals, views of the wild landscapes of Sumatra and the Javanese countryside... Finally, beautiful memories in perspective!


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