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Mount Batur

Mount Batur , in the scenic Kintamani region of northeastBali, offers a splendid panorama of Lake Batur and Mount Agung. If you wish to witness sunset from one of the best spots in Bali, our trek to Batur is highly recommended.


Gunung Batur is an active volcano whose caldera was shaped thousands of years ago by a collapse of the magma chamber. Its first documented eruption happened in 1804 and the most recent was in 2000. An important eruption destroyed the village in 1917 but the lava flow stopped just before the village temple, Pura Ulun Danu Batur.


Dominating the Kintamani country at 1,717m, Mount Batur differs from other volcanoes in Bali by its double caldera. This double elliptic structure stretches 14 km at its widest point and comprises a lake which is best appreciated from the peak of the volcano.

Excursions to Batur usually start at night in order to reach the peak by sunrise. As the day rises and the fog dissipates, a striking panorama unfolds before you.

Hiking down into the immensity of the caldera is a unique experience. On the way to the hot springs, you pass through the villager’s vegetable plantations.

The hike to Mount Batur

The hike to Mount Batur counts among the most popular treks in Bali. Join a tour leaving very early in the morning in order to be on the peak for sunrise. The tour operators usually depart from Ubud at 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning and get to the foot of the volcano while it’s still dark. The two-hour hike to the summit isn’t very difficult but is still a bit challenging because it’s dark so you must wear a headlamp and mind your steps especially near the top where the volcanic ash makes the trail slippery. Bring warm clothes, it can be quite cold up there. The spectacular sunrise from the peak is well-worth the night trek and all the precautions.

Batur being an active volcano, trekkers have a special breakfast of eggs cooked on burning rocks. After walking up and down the volcano, Lake Batur and its hot springs are the ideal destination to relax tense muscles.

How to get there

You can rent a car with a local driver but the best option is still to enroll for a guide-tour from Ubud.


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