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Prambanan Temple

Prambanan is a must-see stop during your visit to Indonesia. This historical temple compound listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage provides the visitor with an inside look at Hindu Javanese history. The amazing stone structures sit in a vast park.


Prambanan , also known as Candi Roro Jonggrang, consists of an imposing complex of 240 temples. It is the world’s largest temple dedicated to the god Shiva, the destroyer in the Hindu pantheon. After years of neglect, the temple was rediscovered in 1733 by the Dutch C. A. Lons. The reconstruction has been ongoing since then. Today it is one of the greatest and most sophisticated Hindu monuments of Indonesia.UNESCO designated the site as World Heritage in 1991.

Built between 835 and 856, this historical complex might have served as a mausoleum for the remains of king Balitung who personified himself as a reincarnation of Shiva.

Throughout the centuries, Prambanan suffered numerous damage and destruction from volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and political shifts. The two latest blows were the strong earthquake that hitYogyakarta in 2006 and the volcanic ash from the Mount Kelud eruption in 2014.


Today, the entire compound including the smaller monuments in the vicinity of the main temples can be admired and photographed in all their splendor. No effort has been spared to retain the authenticity of the original structure.

Considering the great number of buildings and shrines it comprises, the sanctuary is well preserved and maintained. These compounds have never been displaced or changed. The highest and most impressive structure is the 47 meter tall Shiva temple.

How to get there.

If you don’t have a local guide, the simplest way to go toPrambanan is by city bus. Get on the Trans Yogya number 1A. It costs Rp3,500 and will drop you about 500 meters, a 10 minute walk from the entrance.

  • Opening hours and cost

Open from 6am to 5pm

Entrance ticket USD25.00


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