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Parangtritis Beach

The black sand beach of Parangtritis reconnects you with the raw elements of nature. Only 30km south of downtown Yogya in the regency of Bantul, the immensity of the Indian Ocean with the sound of its powerful waves offers many possibilities for coastal trekking excursions.

Discover Parangtritis

The long and wide beach sits next to hills you can climb to catch a striking view of the Indian Ocean. The place offers a number of modest sleeping accommodations, public toilets with changing rooms as well as several food stalls serving young coconut, rice and noodle dishes.

What to do in Parangtritis

Away from the city bustle, this is the perfect place to go for long walk or just relax in boundless surroundings. The best time of the day is at sunset.

This beach is sacred to the Javanese who believe a legendary queen named Nyi Roro Kidul masters the South Sea. Her extraordinary power can provoke earthquakes and churn the sea. Many Javanese visitors will not wear the aqua-green color on this beach in fear of displeasing the queen.

There are quite a few caves in the area. GuaTapan and the Beji hotspring count among popular tourist spots.

How to get there?

Regular public buses leave Giwangan bus terminal to Parangtritis from 6am to 6pm. It’s a 45minute ride. You can also go by car or motorcycle.


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