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Malioboro Street

Malioboro Street , or Jalan Malioboro in Indonesian, is one of the main touristic and cultural attractions in Yogyakarta. It is the busiest commercial area of the region and is the ideal spot to purchase souvenirs at the end of your trip.


Before the arrival of the Dutch, Malioboro was just a quiet street used by the Sultan to cross the town.

The name Malioboro derives from the British governor Marlborough who was in office when Britain ruled the archipelago between 1811 and 1816.

Under Dutch colonization, Jalan Malioboro became the administrative center of Yogya. The Dutch built the Vredeburg fortress at the southern end of the street in 1790, then the Dutch Club (1822), the Dutch Governor’sResidence (1830), Java Bank, and the Post Office to mark and maintain their dominance in Yogyakarta.

In March 1949, during the Indonesian war of Independance, Malioboro Street witnessed a fierce battle between the Indonesian people against the Dutch colonial troops.

Discover Malioboro Street

Malioboro is a 2.5 km one-way street starting north at the railway station going all the way south to the Post Office.

Some buildings reflect the Dutch colonial-era. There is an interesting architectural mixture of Chinese and contemporary styles. Among the historical buildings we findVredeburg fortress, the Post Office andGedung Agung, the former Dutch Governor’s Residence.

As a tourist and commercial icon, Malioboro hosts countless stores and street stands selling unusual items at affordable prices including various locally handmade handicrafts, batik fabrics, and jewellery. The wide promenade with street musicians, plenty of benches to stop and rest, and a relaxed atmosphere make for a pleasant outing, especially in the cooler evening hours.

In the four corners of the city, countless large and small galleries exhibit local artists creations.

Foodwise, Malioboro and its vicinities abound with stalls and restaurants to satisfy all kinds of tastes and all budgets.

  • Opening hours

Most stores are open from 8.00am to 9pm. The lesehan, street pop-up restaurants, start around 6pm until 4am.


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